Is Alan Cave Leaving Zin?

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Topic: Is Alan Cave Leaving Zin?

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J'etais l'une des premieres fan du groupe Zin a sa sortie en Haiti en 88, je trouvais ce band fabuleux. 1 chanteur beau avec une voix hypnotisante... read more >
Topic, 4-Mar-05 4:17 am
I love ZIN but I'm glad Alan is leaving. He is too old and its not like he is a Gazman from (Nu Look) or a Gracia from (Mass Compa). Those guys... read more >
G, 10-Jul-08 9:35 pm
I am sorry but we need to learn how to appreciate our Haitian performers not enouging them to fall. Nia is a great performer but she is a product of... read more >
Lavie, 27-Jan-09 7:19 pm
ya that might happen but no one is for sure. read more >
Jesisca, 10-Mar-09 11:36 am
Are you people kidding! that is so disrespecful to consider hanging up such a great group because the members are getting into age. Wow! can we ask... read more >
Rsl, 29-Jul-10 12:53 am
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