Nia from Zin should go solo

G - July 10 2008, 9:35 PM

I love ZIN but I'm glad Alan is leaving.

He is too old and its not like he is a Gazman from (Nu Look) or a Gracia from (Mass Compa).

Those guys aren't young neither but they know how to make good music, and their proformances are on point.

ZIN's new album only has 2 songs I would consider listening to and they both have Nia as lead vocalist.

Put it this way, if not for Nia's god giving talent to sing that album would be a coaster for guest to put their drinks on when they come to y home. They should sign Nia as a solo artist or she should just work with Nickenson Prud'homme because he has the skill to make any artist shine like they should and expose their true talent.

All Nia needs is a young band cause everyone else in her band is past their prime.

ZIN was hot but not anymore.

She should try working with an artist from a different genre like a popular reggae artist or soca artist and I'm sure she would cause a buzz while futhering kompa as music because who can deny her voice.

Just put it on a beat familiar to the masses.

Do features on different "known" artists albums.

Doesn't she have a manager.

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