I am sorry but we need to learn how to appreciate our Haitian...

Lavie - January 27 2009, 7:19 PM

I am sorry but we need to learn how to appreciate our Haitian performers not enouging them to fall. Nia is a great performer but she is a product of Zin and while she can, no doubt, perform zin is what makes her look good. I love seeing her but onnly with zin. I saw Nia singing with others including Carimi but it is never like watching her glowing with Zin. Nia will remain a great singer with Zin without Zin, I am not sure. BTW, the latest album from ZIN has a couple of nice songs.

On their previous they did such a good job setting up themseves so high that it was hard to surpass it. With that said, yes this new album can not be compared however, if given a chance it can be enjoyable.

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