Haiti Tragedy - An entire family DEAD in Carrefour Feuilles following Heavy Rains and a House Collapse

PHOTO: Cap Haitien Haiti Flooded, one man tries to save his belongings An entire Haitian family has dies in area of Carrefour Feuilles following after torrential rains caused their home to collapse Saturday... One adult and 3 children are dead in the collapse home according to news reports... more »

Tropical Storm Erika - Thank God for Haiti, All is Well...

Haiti Weather Update - Tropical Storm Erika going over Haiti Tropical storm Erika went through the Republic of Haiti and, Thank you Jesus! It did not leave a trail of disaster behind... Erika is en route to Cuba; only a couple one incident directly related to the storm has reported in Haiti... more »

Haiti Weather - Tropical Storm Erika arrives this Weekend, Northern Haiti on Alert

Haiti Weather - Tropical Storm Erika Haiti Weather Update - Haitian authorities has issued a Tropical storm warning ahead of the arrival of Tropical Storm Erika which they expect will drop heavy rainfall along Northern Haiti this weekend... more »

Haiti Weather - Hurricane Danny Lands in Haiti Wednesday, Weaker BUT...

Tropical Storm Danny Forecast - Haiti Haiti Weather Update -- Hurricane Danny is expected to hit Haiti Wednesday... Danny is weaker now BUT it is never the hurricane itself that devastate Haiti, usually it is the rainfall... Everyone please be careful... more »

Haiti Weather - Tropical Storm Danny NOT YET a Threat to Haiti

Tropical Storm Danny - Haiti Haiti Weather Update -- Tropical storm Danny is heading toward the Caribeean and is foretasted to become a hurricane later this week... Though predicts Danny is a "potential threat to lesser Antilles next week", Haitian weather service says Danny is not yet a threat to Haiti... more »

Haiti Inondation - Limbe Anba DLO - More Flooding in North Department

PHOTO: Haiti - Inondation nan ville Cap Haitien, moun ap mache nan yon larivyè dlo... Mezanmi... Flooding continues to ravage Northern Haiti --- There is MORE flooding (inondation) reported in the North Department of Haiti... The town of Limbé is under water following heavy rain fall Tuesday, 12 November 2014. An eight-year-old boy died from the flood water. His body was found pinned to a tree... The town of Terrier-Rouge is partially flooded... more »

Haiti Inondation - $34 Million Gourdes released for Cap Haitien Flood Relief

PHOTO: Haiti - Flooding in Cap Haitien - Flood victims in line for government assistance... Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announces that 34 million gourdes have been relased for assistance in Cap Haitien, a city flooded from the recent rainfall. more »

UPDATE: Northern Haiti Flooding - Things are really bad over there...

PHOTO: Northern Haiti is Flooded, Cap Haitien, Limonade, etc... Things are really bad in Northern Haiti... Flooding everywhere... Mezanmi, Tout zone Nord Peyi d'Haiti Inondé... Limonade / Quartier-Morin inonde, Grande Rivière du Nord, Limbe, Petite Anse, Fort Saint Michel, tout inonde... Anpil commune inonde nan departement Nord la... more »

Haiti Health - Cholera on the rise in the Artibonite Region

Cholera Haiti - Cholera la toujou According to Haiti news reports, CHOLERA is on the rise in the Haiti Artibonite region. due to increased rainfalls, more and more cased of Cholera have been reported cities and towns like Gros Morne, Ennery, and Gonaives in Artibonite Haiti. more »

Haiti Weather - The 2014 Hurricane Season Begins

Haiti Hurricane Alert It's Hurricane season in Haiti, from 01 June to 30 Nov 2014, and President Michel Martelly warns in a Tweet: "Prekosyon pa kapon. Sezon siklonik la rive. Mwen envite popilasyon an swiv konsèy otorite yo pou sove lavi fanmi nou ak byen nou." Haiti has been having some bad luck with these hurricanes and tropical storms which often leads to flooding... more »