Haiti worst-hit by extreme weather in 2012

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Flooding in Haiti Haiti, the Philippines and Pakistan were the countries worst-hit by weather extremes in 2012, according to a global climate risk index released Tuesday on the sidelines of UN climate talks in Poland. more »

Tropical storm Chantal update from Dominican Republic

Flood water - Tropical Storm Chantal - Dominican Republic If tropical storm Chantal moving from the Dominican Republic to Haiti, expect a lot of rainfall. It has been raining all day in the Dominican Republic. more »

Haitian Vodou Myth - Mare Lapli (Stopping the Rain from Falling)

A Haitian Grandmother pouring Water on her Grandson Fact of Fiction? Haitians have to power to stop the rain from falling? Some people in Haiti believe it.. They call it "Mare Lapli." more »

Haiti: 96 Percent of the Population is at Risk?

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Flooding in Haiti Some sentences are places in articles to scare the living crap out of you... Aint their? more »

Cap-Haitien Haiti - Heavy Rainfall, Flooding - 10 People Dead!

The Guayamouc River, Riviere Guayamouc, Hinche Haiti There was heavy rainfall in Cap-Haitien Haiti last night. It has just been reported that as many as 10 people are already dead. The worst may be yet to come. more »

How the Haitian Diaspora In New York Is Doing After Hurricane Sandy

Intersection: Pascack Rd & Old Nyack Turnpike, Spring Valley, New York Spring Valley, NY - "There is no electricity, no heat, no hot water, and it is cold in here." These are the word of one of my family members I was finally able to reach today Spring Valley NY after Hurricane Sandy. more »

Jonathan M. Katz WOWed me with this Article About Haiti and the Post-Storm PANIC ATTACK in the USA

Earthquake in Haiti - Haitian Flag - Collapsed University READ this America... Haitians offer a good example of how to behave after the storm! more »

Hurricane Sandy - 385,000 without power in Massachusetts

Interstate 93 Boston MA - I93-I95 Interchange How many Haitians are without power in Boston tonight??? Boston Globe Headline News: High winds, rain knock out power to more than 385,000 in Mass. more »

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy: New York City Goes Dark

Superstorm Sandy - New York City Goes DARK I thought Haiti has it bad with Hurricane Sandy and then I saw this... Front page on Huffington Post Website... NYC Goes Dark! more »

Hurricane Sandy: It is Not Over for Haiti - Lavi Che, Cholera, etc...

Haiti :: Hurricane Sandy - The River in the Back Yard! I just read an article that says: Haiti will see the deadliest effects of Sandy in the coming days and weeks! more »