Facing the Deluge: Haiti's Battle Against Devastating Mudslides

Mudslides block the roads to Camp-Perrin Haiti after Aug 14 2021 earthquake Haiti, a country marked by rugged terrain and frequent heavy rainfall, is particularly susceptible to mudslides. The combination of deforestation, inadequate infrastructure, and poverty exacerbates the risk, as soil erosion weakens the stability of hillsides. more »

Tropical Storm Grace floods Jacmel Haiti

Tropical Storm Grace Soaks Earthquake Battered Haiti Two days after an earthquake hits southern Haiti, tropical storm Grace soaks the region with rain water. Videos of a flooded Jacmel was circulating on social media. more »

Tropical Storm Beryl approaches Haiti, heavy rains and gusty winds expected

Hurricane Beryl - Haiti Forecast Map As hurricane Beryl, now weakened into a tropical storm, approaches Haiti after soaking the Dominican Republic with gusty downpours, Haitians are still worried because, in Haiti, it is often the rainfall that causes major damage after a hurricane or tropical storm. more »

Hurricane Beryl approaching the Caribbean, could hit Southern Haiti Tuesday Morning

Haiti Hurricane Alert Haiti Hurricane Alert - While Haitians are protesting for Gas prices going up a hurricane is approaching the island. Hurricane Beryl could hit Southern Haiti as early as Tuesday Morning. more »

Major hail storm in the city of Hinche Haiti

Haiti Weather Alert There was a major hail storm (la grele) in the city of his Hinche Haiti Saturday afternoon. more »

Haiti's government wants ZERO dead during Hurricane Season 2018

PHOTO: Flooding in Cap Haitien Haiti - Residents trying to push a vehicle out of the flood water Haitian prime minister Jack Guy Lafontant his his government discusses all the options at a recent council of minister (Conseil des Minister). The objective is ZERO dead during the 2018 hurricane season. more »

Flooding in Haiti, 10,000 homes inundated, 5 people dead

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Flooding in Haiti Recent rains in Haiti caused lots of flooding in North-western and South Haiti. Just two days of torrential rains left five people dead and more than 10,000 homes inundated, authorities said. more »

FLASH: Hurricane Irma strengthens back to a Category 5 Hurricane before hitting Florida dead on...

PHOTO: Hurricane Irma Florida Hurricane Watch Hurricane Irma is going to devastate the United States, Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), said at a press conference Friday... more »

Days after Hurricane Irma Missed Haiti, Hurricane JOSE is en Route!

PHOTO: Both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Jose in the Caribbean While the primary focus is on Hurricane Irma about to touch down in South Florida, another hurricane, JOSE, is about do do it all over again in the Caribbean. Will Haiti be spared this time? more »

Haiti after Hurricane IRMA: No Deaths reported so far

PHOTO: Size of Hurricane IRMA vs Size of HAITI - We are in Trouble! As of Friday morning after Hurricane Irma, no deaths have been reported in Haiti by Protection Civile, the government's emergency preparedness agency. more »