BIG Stress in the Voice of every Haitian you Speak to these days!

Something terrible is about to happen in Haiti! There is tension in the voice of virtually every Haitian you speak to these days. Most Haitians are worried about their tomorrow, literally, tomorrow!

Haitian street protest sign ask our forefather Dessalines to curse all the sons and daughters of Petion

The rising price of food, the value of the U.S. dollar that keeps going up and up compared to the Haitian currency the the few who are working are being paid.

In Haiti right now, it is almost as if a mega uprising is imminent in Haiti.

But against whom?

That is the big question!

I hate being a "prophète de malheur" but this is what's coming folks. And I am not the only one who see it coming.

What do you think about that?

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Gen yon bagay terib ki pwal pase en Haiti paske...

a chak moun ou pale, ou ka senti yon tansyon an k ap monte pi wo! pi wo! pi wo! Pwal gen on kouri kan menm! Mwen pè sa m ap di an men se sa m

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Subject: BIG Stress in the Voice of every Haitian you Speak to these days! edit

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