Haiti Manifestation

FLASH! VIDEO - Cha Profet Makenson fe aksidan nan manif kont Jovenel Moise, anpil moun blese

FLASH! VIDEO - Cha Profèt Makenson nan fè gwo aksidan nan Manifestation kont President Jovenel Moise, li antre sou manifestan yo, anpil moun blese gràv. Gade video sa...

Confessions of a young Haitian-American stuck in "Peyi Lock" Haiti!

Port-au-Prince, Peyi Lock Haiti, September 30th, 2019 -- I was laying down on my bed, I looked out the window and noticed that the sky was completely grey. Now, this is interesting because just a minute ago the sky was blue and clear.

Tourism: Royal Decameron Haiti Resort attacked by angry protesters

With Haiti already in on the back of the tourism bus, The Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa in Cotes Des Arquadins Haiti was the victim of an attack Tuesday morning, October 1st, 2019.

Sad: I heard a little Haitian school girl singing "vle pa vle fo l ale" like it's a song from her favorite artist

I feel so sad to report to you that the permanent destabilization of Haiti is engraved in the mind of every generation living in Haiti. Imagine that. I am walking through a neighborhood in Haiti and witness a little Haitian school girl singing to the tunes of a popular street protest lyrics

Nationwide street protests announced in Haiti this Friday

The politics opposition in Haiti announced a nationwide street protests this Friday, 20 Sept, 2019, in another attempt get rid of President Jovenel Moise.

New day of ''peyi lok'' in Port-au-Prince and some provincial towns

Haiti is in Peyi Lock mode once again... All activities were stalled on Monday, September 16th in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince and in the main provincial cities of the country. Another day of '' peyi lòk '' despite the call for calm and the promise of a new gas supply from the government, Le Nouvelliste reports.

Haitians Citizens complain ongoing street protests interfere with their day to day life

Various Haitian citizens are complaining on the radio saying that had enough of all these street protests. "I am stuck in my house, I cannot work, I cannot make money and it is annoying," one resident told a journalist.

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Pillage of a gas pump in Delmas 83

Breaking News... A Total gas station at Delmas 83 in Port-au-Prince was pillaged Monday afternoon after protesters took to the streets asking President Jovenel Moise to step down.

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation - Street protesters are heading to Haiti International Airport

Breaking News... Haiti Manifestation 11 Feb 2019, a group of street protesters are heading to Haiti International Airport in Port-au-Prince Haiti. One of the protesters said on a the mic of a radio journalist, the people are about to travel...

Haiti - Protesters in Mirebalais Haiti decide to cut off power lines going to Hinche and Haut Pateau Central

FLASH: Protesters in Mirebalais, Centre Haiti, have decides to cut off the electric power lines going to Hinche and the Haut Plateau Central region because, according to a radio journalist, the citizens of the Haut Plateau Central refuse to protest.