Second Bus MADE IN HAITI Unveiled

Haiti Inventions - Here is the second bus MADE IN HAITI by Coutard Motors... Haitian inventor Jean-Paul Coutard has done it again...

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According to radio Vision 2000, the first bus made 3 years ago is still in full operation traveling between Port-au-Prince and Port-de-Paix.

The road is really bad so for the first to be fully functional is amazing, the journalist things.

Unlike how it's made in other countries, big assembly lines, thousands of employees, sophisticated infrastructure, the Coutard Bus was HAND MADE... Every nut, every bolt...

The new 'Coutard' bus has 60 seats, more than it predecessor... It is also more comfortable according to news reports...

Congratulations, once again, Jean-Paul Coutard, to you and your team.

QUESTION: How do you feel about this first bus made in Haiti?

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Turenne Jean Francois La première fois, pouvait être qualifié d'opportunité, mais là; il mérite que l'on considère ce monsieur comme un... see more
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