First Bus MADE IN HAITI Unveiled

Today is the official unveiling of the very first bus made in Haiti. Known as the "Coutard", the bus is named after his inventor, Jean-Paul Coutard.

News of this bus made in Haiti is spreading like wild fire on the Haitian side of the social media networks.

See also: VIDEO: First Bus Built in Haiti

This is a proud moment for All Haitians, a sign of what is to come out of Haiti when we put our mind to it and WHEN we are finally given the opportunity to be all that we can be.

Congratulations to Jean-Paul Coutard and your team. I hope you get your big break brother, I hope a big investor comes along and turns your prototype into a huge bus manufacturing plant right here in Haiti.

I hope to see the name "Coutard" cruising on the highways of the world...

QUESTION: How do you feel about this first bus made in Haiti?

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Sherly says...

i feel very satisfy, with my heart filled of pride for my haitian brother so i hope that the government will be smart enough to grant him the opportunity economically, so he put this valuable product around the world saying made in Haiti BRAVO my

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Fedod says...

Please don't rely on these thugs that have accepted to ally with Sweet Micky.

I do know that we are good. We have done things in the past that no one else has done before us. However, we keep on letting ourselves distracting by the enemies.

We might be going through hard times now, but I do know, we will get out soon.

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Tigeorges says...

Nou Bon Net

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Haiti News says...

Wilson Laleau, le Ministre a.i du Commerce et de l'Industrie, a affirmé la volonté du Gouvernement Martelly-Lamothe d'encadrer le jeune Coutard dans la réalisation de ses projets « Le Ministère du Commerce et de l'Industrie va mettre un terrain à sa disposition afin qu'il lance, avec la coopération de l'État haïtien, le premier micro parc haïtien dédié.

Le Ministère va également lui permettre de participer à des formations supplémentaires à l'étranger et d'assister à la fabrication d'autobus.

Nous l'accompagnerons dans la recherche de partenariats pour la vérification et la certification de son autobus », a précisé le Ministre Laleau, qui a aussi invité les jeunes créateurs de projets innovants à se faire connaître, afin de bénéficier, eux aussi de l'appui du

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Minna Lafortune says...

It can be done...congrats! Now let's build some cars!!! Open
An automotive

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Ricart says...

I'm glad to see Haiti finally moved on to the next civilization, which is the 19th century.

Y para ti Wislet Duprevil, hablamos cuando Haiti tenga un metro como el de Santo Domingo.

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Wislet Duprevil says...

Congratulation my brother once again we show we can move forward if they let's us. This is not the first time Haitians make the world eyes look Haiti 1998 first helicopter made in Haiti, now 2013 first 5 stars bus made in Haiti...

Callamos las bocas de los Dominicanos, ellos ni hablan de este hahaha si hubiese algo malo que pasaba ellos iban de una vez a hablar de nosotros...

I hope the Haitian Gouveneman peyi pouse jenn yo ki kapab la devan, konsa konsa na gen yon pi bel PEYI HAITI

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Abdias Calixte says...


Keep up the good

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Patrick says...

Se yon gwo koze chapo, men mwen ta renmen konnen kijan mote machinn nan fet si se menm moun nan ki fe mote ya tou, mwen te renmen pou moun ki gaye nouvel la di ki non, ki nimewo e ki kalibre mote ya, eske se yon mote machinn ki fabrike en

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Marie J Gabriel says...

Congratulations Mr Coutard.

I'm proud ofyou brother.

Finally nou kapab leve tet nou devan blan yo pou nou montre yo nou gain valeur

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