Haiti Teen Pregnancy - A Young Woman Gets Pregnant, She had to Quit School Because...

I know a young woman in Haiti, Let's call her Marie, who recently got pregnant at the age of 18, This young woman who was going to secondary school in a Haitian public school had no choice but to quit going to school for multiple reasons...

Teen Pregnancy in Haiti
Teen Pregnancy in Haiti

KREYOL: Haiti - Zafè fè Pitit... Gen yon jenn demwazèl 18 ans ki ansent, poutèt sa, li paka ale lekòl ankò... L ap pèdi rès ane lekòl la, li sanlè pa janm ale lekol ankò... QUESTION: Ki mezi ki an plas nen system education Haiti a ki la pou kore yon jenn demwazèl nan ka saa??? Kisa ou panse de sa???

First of all... If I understand her mother's arguments correctly, her pregnant teenager is not allowed to continue her education while she is pregnant. Mom did not specify if it was school rules or if it's her teachers who refused her attendance in the class room.

Marie can go back after her pregnancy, her mother said but not while she is pregnant. That of course means whe will loose the rest of the school hear and next year because she will be nursing.

Second reason: This young woman is being teased by her classmates because she got pregnant. "students came all the way to my house to tease her," her mother told me.

QUESTION: Is there any support system in place in Haiti for a young woman who finds herself pregnant in the middle of a school year?

Let's talk about this... If you have any personal experiences please share...

What do you think about this???

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Jean says...

Everything you reply to makes no sense about the culture in haiti.

you most not be haitian.

If you're not, maybe you should stop commenting, cause your comment are annoying.

You make everything sound like, they should be easy as

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Jean says...

exacteman, mwen pa konn sak pran patner sa la. mwen kontan nouvel li yo anpil de fwa. men sa li vle publiye la pa bon. mwen aktyelman gen yon tifi ayiti ki gen 18 ans. mwen pa bezwen pou ki lap we jeune ansent pral lekol.

tale la panse ke li ka fel

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Shime Leroy says...

moune ca a pa te jam viv haiti con yo fais de jou ici yo bliye tout coutume haiti yo toujou brsoin comparer haiti sk ici ce le jour et la nuit one pap ap jam laut haiti fini ce parve que j=gain trop aller vini yo poter tout mauvais moeurs ici yo haiti ensuit ici gain welfaire haiti pas gain

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Paul Bance says...

In case of teen pregnancy students should take a leave of absence for one year. All schools should have sex education for teenagers.

Students who are sexually active should go to Planned Parenthood and use condoms.

They should not ban them from school.

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Jean says...

I think nower days we've come to accept too much from society.

A kid going to school getting an education, should not be having sex to get pregnant.

letting her stay in school is a bad example for the rest. What ever happen to holding out until

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