Death Penalty in Haiti, YES or NO?

Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is abolished in Haiti by the 1987 constitution; however, some Haitian citizens are are questioning whether of not it should be reinstated due some of the cold blood, willful and premeditated murders that are taking place in parts of the country, especially to uniformed police officers who are being murdered in the line of duty in the capital and surrounding areas...

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer
Tonton Bicha, Police Officer

KREYOL: Peine de Mort en Haiti, OUI ou NON??? Konstitisyon 1987 la aboli peine de mort la men, pou tout move krim sa yo ki ap fet nan kek pati nan peyi a, espesyalman politicier yo ki ap mouri tribò babò nan chimen travay yo, kek sitwayen ap nande poukisa yo pa retounen ak peine de mort la ankò... Kisa ou panse de sa???

QUESTION; Yes or No? Should Haiti reinstate the Death Penalty?

If yes, for what type of crime?

If no, why not?

What do you think about that?

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Stephania says...

No we don't need it justice come from

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Simpson St Fort says...

Tout lot kote kap di nou pou pratike dwa de lom yo tout gen pen de mo lakay yo. le yon vakabon vole vyole oubyen asasinen yon moun ou metel nan prizon pou you ti tan epi ou lagel ou bal yon opotinite pou li ale fel anko. Gen priye pou chase espri malen pa gen priye pou chase vakabon vakabon se an vakabon ou aji ak sa ni sa ki ak soulye ni sa ki pye ate. Si nou vle bagay yo chanje se pou nou komanse pa chanje tet nou gen Integrite respecte tet nou e pran responsabilite nou an chaj. bay bondye sak pouli e bay ceza sa k pou li

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Jean Marc Devarier says...

kesyon santans sa ta dwe tounen paske anpil zak vyolans kap fet nan peyi se passke pa gen santans pou moun kap pratike yo. si yon vole oubyen yon kidnape te konnen yo tap touye l le li touye yon moun yo tap poze. Pwoblem nou, nou manke neg serye nan peyi a, nou bezwen moun ki gen ke pou Ayiti e moun ki kwe nan chanjman.

Ayiti ap leve

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Bwa Sanfey says...

I say Yes. These criminal acts are going too far and too long. Murders and kidnappings should be doomed for Death Penalty.

Who plays with the sword should be dealt likewise.

"Sa ou fe se li ou

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Tonton Michel says...

Absolutely not. First of all it doesn't stop crime if anyone has paid attention to countries were it is legal.

Second the police and judicial system has proven to be unreliable at best and out right corrupte at worst.

You trust them to put some one to death?

People supporting this need their head

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Turenne Jean Francois says...

Pour crimes sexuels, kidnapping, meurtre crapuleux et incitations à la violence, et poursuites en règle contre la diffamation envers les autres sans

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Faradya Charles says...

Yes, pour negative a vest

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Shime Leroy says...

oh yes kidnaper en premier depuis confesser excecuter yo monsieur qui te tuer ti mademoiselle qui te pral pati canada a yo prend on lagent et puis yo tuer li yo pas besoin quitter nan prison sou dos taxes payer voyer li

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Chilet Orilas says...

hell no I dont need the death penalty in haiti because the haitians people already suffer from mentally.

So we dont need that physically on the Haitians people.

There are better things we need to do for the country, like creating jobs and spread out technology in the country that's what we need to focus on. Forget about Death penalty.


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Jean says...

Yes that's the only way the killing crime will

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