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Haitians consumes so much pasta, spaghetti and macaroni, why is it not made in Haiti?

Haitian Style Spaghetti - The Ingredients Spaghetti and eggs in the morning has become a popular breakfast food in Haiti but the sad part of it is that all that spaghetti is imported into the country. Why is not made in Haiti? Manufacturing it in Haiti would create much needed jobs in the country. more »

Second Bus MADE IN HAITI Unveiled

PHOTO: Second Bus MADE IN HAITI Haiti Inventions - Here is the second bus MADE IN HAITI by Coutard Motors... Haitian inventor Jean-Paul Coutard has done it again... more »

Haiti Inventions - Haitian Handyman Builds a Car out of Scrap Metal

PHOTO - Automobile Made in Haiti from Scrap Metal A broke and jobless Haitian man in the city of Miragoane had a lifelong dream of owing a car he could never afford to buy, so he decided to build his own car from scratch... Kosto Cadet's Made in Haiti automobile has become the biggest attraction and curiosity in Miragoane... more »

Haiti has the largest Vetiver distillery in the world

Extracting Vetiver Fragrance oil at a Haiti Factory Did you know? Agri-supply distillery in Les Cayes Haiti is the largest Vetiver distillery in the world and Vetiver is considered Haiti's Super-Crop... 50% of the world's Vetiver comes from Haiti... more »

MADE IN HAITI - Always Happy to see these Labels...

Made in Haiti Shirt Label How many times do you walk into a department store and spot something MADE IN HAITI? I cannot recall where I was shopping with a friend and she suddenly told me: "Look, this shirt is Made in Haiti!" more »

VIDEO Report: Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI rival the iPad mini...

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Watch this video report... A Haitian-based company that makes Android tablets that rival the iPad mini are finding success four years after the quake in Haiti... MADE in HAITI? Rival the iPad mini? How many times do you see these two things in the same sentence??? more »

SURTAB - First Andoid Tablet MADE IN HAITI

Surtab - First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI Haiti Technology News -- Say Hello to SURTAB, The First Android Tablet MADE IN HAITI... Yes... MADE IN HAITI... with a bold mission: One Tablet per Haitian... Ohhhh... I'm so Excited right now! more »

Chicken in Haiti are laying MORE EGGs these days... LOL...

Live Chicken - Poul Di Haiti, Tou Vivan GOOD NEWS... Poultry farming is on the rise in Haiti... More chicken and more eggs being sold in Haiti are coming from Haitian poultry farms than ever before... There is no denying that this is a great business opportunity... more »

Why Does Haiti Import Cement When Haiti Is Rich In Limestone?

Cement - Made in Haiti Over the weekend I visited a Dominican man in Hato Viejo (Haitians call it Atobio) near Banica in the Dominican Republic and he told me he could not understand why Haiti is importing Cement when the country is so rich in limestone, the key ingredient in the manufacture of Portland Cement. more »

VIDEO Reportage - First Bus MADE IN HAITI Inside and Out

First Bus MADE IN HAITI Watch a video reportage of the first bus made in Haiti as it was presented to the Haiti ministry of commerce and Industry and the interview of Haitian inventor Jean-Paul Coutard... Haiti commerce minister Wilson Laleau says the Government of Haiti is ready to invest into young Coutard, the inventor, and in the fabrication of the autobus. more »