President Preval Getting Lots Of Praise, Find Out Why

Haitian president Rene Preval has been credited for saving lives in Haiti during Hurricane Tomas. President Preval was very proactive and very vocal in the days before the hurricane.

Once it was clear that Tomas was coming to Port-au-Prince, President Preval made a very direct radio announcement:

"Everyone living near the ocean. Cite Letenel... Cite Soley... Evacuate... In order for us to no longer count dead bodies... please... evacuate."

I heard that President Preval even went out with a megaphone to encourage the Haitian people in danger zones to evacuate.

What do you think about this?

Usually an afternoon rainfall in Haiti causes many death. Do you believe that the Government did a good job in saving lives during the passage of Hurricane Tomas?

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Bernadette says...

A platform by the Diaspora for the Diaspora to dissimulate information, discussions about business, government, social issues and our culture would have been a great start.

The Haitian Diaspora needs to be a true Diaspora with a vision and a specific entity.

We need to get organized as

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

kat my friend please let me know when we can start serious discussionson how to organize and help our people,,thank

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

my dear sister it would be great if we could organize serious constructive discussions on how to help our people and and make a call to the diaspora to get involve in their people's affairs..please let me

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

haiti is under occupation and has been for a long time,,,once a president is elected or selected and remains in power we know for sure that there is something with him,,,he is either a great puppet or a great puppet for the rich and greedy,,,Education and Truth saves lives Fidel Castro saved lives Hugo Chavez, Elijah Muhammad, Evol Morales, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Louis Farrakhan, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Mahmood Ahmadinenejad..

these men could be said to save lives because they are hated by the rich and powerful and because they are triying to keep their people from falling victim to an enemy that wants nothing but their death..why does he (rene preval) not open his mouth and warn the people about the enemy wich he opened the door to, thats in the country killing then and us..sispann jouai ak figi

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Kat says...

I find it crazy that people are giving him praise, who are they?

i would like to speak with them to see if they are okay in the head. First of all its hard for me to believe that preval did that, given that he hasnt done anything since he's been in office.

If he did do it, either way i still think he's a pile of merde(shit) and thats probably the best thing he's done since he's been in office.

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Sasha says...

No i do think

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Bernadette says...

Ki moun kap fe loung pou preval konsa a?

Moun sa yo pa bien nan tet you. Bon tout bagay prevel pa fe you. gen li meprise pep lan. konye a li ap fe on ti efo paceke li wre jou a rive pou la alle. si pep lan kwre le yo pi mal pace

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Sergo Jean says...

I support the topic some peoples are safe, and I disagree with him because he is wrong.

Li se youn nan moun ki detwi tout ofice leta yo an Haiti pou pouvoi de gren goch. Sa li fe la, se travay Capten Raymond Jean-Louis li ye, ki te konn infome pep la chac jou a propo de tan.Le neg Lavalas sa yo vin nan pouvoi yo retire tout bagay ki te inpotan nan peyi ya pou yo ka montre se yo ki konnen tout bagay.

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Marie says...

I am replying to this message
" That what I am saying "
I suggest the point of the original fact where there is no more (commenting )
wherever we go people will judge us by the kind of our nature because we are still the " HAITIANS "
Yes I honestly agree with "RZA"
That ALL

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Andy says...

please come on yall. we need to talk about the tropic.

What preval do is correct that his job. Problem nou ayisyen se paske %95 nan nou ke nou di, nou selman we pou tet nou, nou bliye lot yo e se sa ki pa bon an nou toujou we pou nou fe. anpil peyi konn gen problem politik pa yo, men nou pa konn tande yo fe krim jan nou menm ayisyen nou pran plezi nan touye moun, boule kaocthou, kraze business, lekol ect, Li le li tan pou nou chanje.

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