Haiti is under occupation and has been for a long time,,,once...

Frantz Barthelemy - November 17 2010, 2:52 PM

haiti is under occupation and has been for a long time,,,once a president is elected or selected and remains in power we know for sure that there is something with him,,,he is either a great puppet or a great puppet for the rich and greedy,,,Education and Truth saves lives Fidel Castro saved lives Hugo Chavez, Elijah Muhammad, Evol Morales, Jean Bertrand Aristide, Louis Farrakhan, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Mahmood Ahmadinenejad..

these men could be said to save lives because they are hated by the rich and powerful and because they are triying to keep their people from falling victim to an enemy that wants nothing but their death..why does he (rene preval) not open his mouth and warn the people about the enemy wich he opened the door to, thats in the country killing then and us..sispann jouai ak figi moun..

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