The Danger of MORE Cholera In Haiti after Hurricane Tomas

You want to see the dangers of Cholera spreading in Haiti after the hurricane? Watch this video... AlJazeera recorded dump trucks loaded with human waste being dumped into a lagoon at a Haiti dumpsite... Disgusting...

Dumping of Human Wasted In Haiti Landfill

Guess what happens when rain water from the hurricane carries all this filth out of the lagoon back into our river system?

Watch the video:

(video not available)

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Dieuseul says...

When are my people going to grow up as a nation?

I've been asking my self this question over and over again and I haven't found an answer yet..

I don't understand why some people would do things like that. the bad thing is that they think they are getting rid of the waste, but they are making it more dangerous for them selves and others.

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Pastor Tom says...

I will be going to haiti Friday staying 3 months.

If anyone wants to help me to Help them, email

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Ddesir says...

Why questionning GOD, it is all written in the book of revelations.

I trully love my country, but some people need to realize that Haiti is not curse, but too many evil people refuse to change, it is time for the rapings, the kidnappings, the unecessary murders to stop, Haiti is mot the only country facing these desasters, but its the only country where all his children are waiting on the international community to do everything.

Everyone is saddened by what is going on, so the big question is "how are we going to help our brothers and

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Bernadette says...

Yes I believe it is my problem and all Haitian's problem.

As you said the problems are staggering.

What can be done at this point?

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Roovens says...

This is Haiti, almost 11 months after the earthquake, now it's hurricane Tomas taking its course...please keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

I ask God today, when will Haiti get a break?

Because He is the Creator of the universe, I don't know who else should I ask. However, If you are afraid to ask, I understand...

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Subject: The Danger of MORE Cholera In Haiti after Hurricane Tomas edit

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