Earthquake Aftershock reported in Carrefour Haiti

There are some reports of an earthquake aftershock in Haiti today. It happened in Carrefour Haiti earlier this morning. Reports came in via twitter...

Earthquake in Haiti
Earthquake in Haiti

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Here are some posts from twitter:
wendyjb72 says...

Yep #Haiti had an aftershock. Lasted about 2 seconds...
posted around 11:30 via Twitter for iPhone

Nahatmat says...

An aftershock in Carrefour #Haiti. Initial reports of some damage and some injuries. posted around 1:30pm via twitter

KatzOnEarth says...

Several people in Carrefour say there was an aftershock. No USGS record of one. Possible there was a panic. We're gathering info.

USGS won't have registered anything smaller than a 4.0. Some ppl did feel ground shake, but seems injuries are from panic or stress. posted around 2:30pm via twitter

So far no media outlet has mentioned anything about it.

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Thanks Kiki for this info

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China says...

I totally agree with you Nicole.

Im Haitia myself and everynight before I go to sleep, I ask God why does everything bad happen to us. What awfull sin have we comitted to be suffering this much. When I go to sleep at night I wake up not knowing wether or not I will hear good news or bad news about my family and friends in Haiti.

I am slowly loosing my

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Nicole says...

at Josy. If what you say is true, why is it only Haiti which seems to be forever suffering?

I don't hear anywhere else going to the same tribulation, pain, as those poor Haitians.

As far I am concerned, the whole rest of the world is by far, more wicked and mean than Haiti would ever dream of being.

Unless, Haiti is the scapegoat for the world.

Poor Haitian

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Johnny says...

Se pa you trenbleman de te se yon lekol kap pran ekilib li paske li pa te kraze apre trenbleman de te a epi vinn gen

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Josy says...

The earth is shifting, and big changes are coming our way. Nature is crying, and the end is not too far. I am sad, and happy at the same time. You remember as a child your parents, or teachers used to pull your ears to get your attention and you would get a spanking for misbehaving.

GOD is pulling our ears, and giving all of us a nice spanking.

He is yelling STOP, and we are continuing with business as usual.

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