Poll: Haiti Internet Access - Natcom Vs. Digicel

Question: Which Haiti Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers the best Internet service for your money? Digicel? Natcom? Access Haiti? Do any of them offer UNLIMITED internet access at high speed?

Haiti Technology
Haiti Technology

I feel like I am sucking web pages out of a straw here...

Can you watch movies on Netflix using any of these Haiti Internet service providers?

Internet service is no longer a luxury but a necessity... SO WHY are Haiti internet service provider being so freaking CHEAP with the service...

I hate to say it but... Next door to us you can get high speed internet access at home for less than 1,000 pesos per month. I just paid 1,600 gourdes for my Natcom Internet and I am at the point of ripping my hair apart.

So tell me... Who offers the best internet service for the money in Haiti...

Is there any Internet service provider in Haiti who offers UNLIMITED high speed Internet for less than $50 US per month?

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Joseph says...

the service is really sucks ! I have cable service with Natcom must of the time, service shut down for no reason, at pick time in the night service come down to 10 kbps download per 6 kbps upload.

The service is not

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Bartholdyauguste says...

i love internet access in

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Nobodypatsy says...

wi, ki jan fè yon peyi di k li louvri pou biznis ki manke entènèt aksè mank. Mwen sispèk ke ayisyen gouvènman an fè espre kenbe majorite pèp la nan peyi a nan povrete.

sonje sa a: si Ayiti ap pwospere, lè sa a ayisyen gouvènman an pa pral resevwa èd entènasyonal.

boy oh boy, those magouye need this money " so f [at] ck haiti's reovery." so the longer Haiti stays in Poverty, the better for those

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Mathieu Pierre says...

Natcom offer the best internet 3g 4g soon and fiber

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Rodrigue says...

No, you will not have that in Haiti.

There is an embargo in Haiti nothing is cheap there, they made it this way not to attract businesses, this way nothing will get done. Our next door neighbor, Saint Domingue, we can get all kind of services for a fair price, not Haiti.

This is the price that we're paying since 1804. Well, shame on all the brothers who have sale their sole away to the outsiders whom need to patronize the country, Haiti.

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Pwoblem Mwen says...

Mezanmi an nou pale de koze Internet saa an Haiti, se yon problem ki emerde m anpil.

Tout konpayi di yo ap bay internet rapid nan peyi dayiti men se kon w pran ou konnen.

Natcom di li bay Internet san limit men depi-w depase 3.5 jiga oswa 7 jiga yo baw la internet la bon pou whatsap selman, zafe nagive a se bliye sa.

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Esdras says...

Digicel internet is better than Natcom's. I mean Digicel speed is better.

I used to use Natcom, but because of its slowliness, lack of services and being disconnected by itself I switch to Digicel and I kinda satisfied of the

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Marie says...

I think

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