"Palito de Coco", The Haitian Street Vendor in DR who Became a Superstar

By now, you've probably heard about "Palito de Coco", a rare Haitian rags to riches music story coming out of the Dominican Republic. "Palito de Coco" they call him... He is not rich yet but some say he may soon become a millionaire!

Watch Palito de coco OFFICIAL music video...

The story goes like this... A young Haitian street vendor comes up with a clever tune to sell his "Palito de Coco", caramel and chocolate covered coconuts. Somebody recorded a video of him singing and uploaded it to YouTube. (See original video)

Next thing you know, the video became an instant sensation on youtube and on the social media networks.

The rest is history... The song is everywhere, in the streets of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama and many other Latin countries. It is being played on the radio, and in Spanish night clubs all over the place including the United States according to news reports.

Suddenly, everyone is looking for el Haitiano, Palito de coco...

Dominican singer Amara La Negra offers RD20,000 pesos to anyone who can setup a meeting with to still unknown artist...

You wanna hear something funny? Nobody even knows the real name of this Haitian street vendor and yet, in a matter of weeks, he is on Dominican Television with superstar Amara la Negra, and everyone knows him by his new baptized name "Palito de Coco"

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