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It's NOT all over for Palito de Coco, In fact It's just the begining

Palito de Coco on the cover of Ticket Magazine If you thought "Game Over" when you heard Palito de Coco left the Dominican Republic and moved back to Haiti, think again... Rumor has it Rumai, El Palito de Coco, may even participate in Haiti Kanavel 2014 in Gonaives... more »

Palito de Coco pedi yon opotinite akoz yon move kouzen

Palito De Coco on TV - I am Going to Haiti Gen yon sit entenet Haitien ki explike an KREYOL kijan Palito de Coco pedi tout opotinite li akoz pwop kouzen li... Hey Magazine fe konprann ke "kèk fanmi Palito de Coco soti Gonaives... kouri debake retounen vi-n defann li... Sanble yo ta lage Palito nan tshouboum pito... more »

VIDEO: Palito De COCO ap tounen Haiti demen SAN LAJAN

Palito De Coco on TV - I am Going to Haiti Gade video saa... Rumai, alias Palito de Coco anonse nan television Dominicain ke li pwale Haiti de men SAN LAJAN... Li di Manager li Oliver Peña Abandone li... more »

FLASH... Rumai (Palito De Coco) ABANDONED by his Manager

Palito de Coco Watch the video... Haitian singer Palito de Coco has been abandoned by his manager Oliver Peña... Apparently Palito de Coco is complaining about MONEY... Palito did not get paid. more »

VIDEO: Como "Palito de Coco" haciendo sus palitos para vender

Palito de Coco Watch this video... Haitian street vendor turned superstar Rumai aka Palito de Coco walks into the kitchen and shows the world how he used to make those Palitos (coconut sweets) to sell... more »

Palito de Coco, Star of a TV Commercial to Sell Cars in the United States

Palito de Coco is now Selling Cars in the United States Haitian singer "Palito de Coco", has been hired as the star for the filming of a television commercial for a vehicle sales company in the United States... Play Palito's Ringtone inside the dealership and get an instant $500 discount... more »

Wanna take a picture with "Palito de Coco?" Get in line... LOL...

Palito De Coco surrounded by fans taking photos on their smartphones Look at this photo... Palito de Coco is surrounded by fans just waiting to take a picture with him... Eveyone is snap! snap! snapping pictures of Palito with their smartphones... more »

ALREADY? --- "Palito De Coco" has an OPPOSITION... Anmwey...

Palito de Coco Watch the video... Palito de Coco, the Haitian street vendor turned superstar in Dominican Republic, has a new opposition... Aridio Castillo, host of a Dominican TV show "El Show del Mediodía" doesn't seem too happy about the content of the song "Palito de Coco" or the artist who he claims doesn't even have a CEDULA to cash his checks... more »

WOW... About 1,360,000 results for "Palito de Coco"

Palito de Coco Google "Palito de Coco" and you will find about 1,360,000 results since a Haitian street vendor's song became famous in the Dominican Republic and across Latin America... more »

"Palito de Coco" - New Official Profesional VIDEO released

Palito de Coco Watch the newly released professional video of "Palito de Coco" the Haitian street vendor in the Dominican Republic who became an overnight superstar more »