Haiti - La Douane - Customs Agents on Strike

Have you heard? There is crisis at La Douane (Customs) in Haiti... Apparently three Haitian customs agents have been arrested and the rest of them have decided to go on strike asking for the resignation of Fresnel Jean- Baptiste, current director general of Customs -- Administration Générale des Douanes (AGD) -- in Haiti...

I read an article on a Haitian radio web site citing that the arrests were linked to smuggling and corruption happening in customs in Haiti...

Yep... There are lots of changes happening in La Douanne in Haiti these days...

"If the CEO wants to fight against smuggling and corruption," a spokesperson for the Association des douaniers Haitiens (ADH) says, "we have no problem with that... There are many of his close associates who are involved in corruption. He should first get rid of them first!"

OOOPS... Looks like the spokeperson is admitting that there is corruption going on...

Anyway... All the Customs agents in Port-au-Prince are on strike, they say the strike will continue until Fresnel Jean- Baptiste leave office...

Soooo... Is the director general doing something wrong?

What do you think about that?

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Fusnel says...

Il parfait que les employes en grebe don't dient involve dans la corruption pre cite' so j" ethos dans la gouvernance Ke les fair street

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Patrick Princivil says...

I hope because we sent something in the douane of port au prince Haïti, I had 5 locks for my doors in Haïti, brand you cloth, books and a lot of small staff in a barrel, they stole all of them.

They have to be sure they have cameras everywhere and more to watch the thieves in the douane, I don't care you charge me expensive, but don't steal my

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