Build a WALL between Haiti and the Dominican Republic... WOW... REALLY???

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic
FACT: The Haitian government is building a wall at the border between Carrizal Haiti (Belladere) and Elias Pina, Dominican Republic. Dominican authorities say: why not build a wall AND separate the two countries once and for all...

Haitian authorities are building the wall to control merchandise crossing the border into Haiti and to assure that everything go through customs... Dominican authorities say building a wall to separate the two countries altogether would help prevent the influx of Haitians entering their country illegally.

Wow... It looks like each country's government would benefit somehow from the proposed wall but what the hell kind of idea is this?

Kom si... se tout bon neg yo vle divize Hispanionla an de moso??? He Heyyyy....

Here is an excerpt from an article posted on Dominican today...

Barahona province senator Eddy Mateo said the work by Haiti is an opportunity for both countries to agree and build a wall which defines the border line dating back to 1929 and ratified by the 1936 Treaty.

He said conflicts between Dominicans and Haitians often lead to attacks on agents assigned to the border. "It's now time to reach a bilateral understanding between the two sides which puts an end to that situation, Dominican Republic must demand respect, because there's much shenanigans and blackmailing by the Haitian Government and its authorities and we must protect with blood and guts what has cost us so much sacrifice to achieve our independence." more...

Mezanmi... It almost seems like a cold war has started between Haiti and the Dominican Republic...

What do you think about all this?

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Ruth Wow I am Canadian to born as a haitian, I am speechless
Reply · July 19 at 6:42 AM
Maria I'm personally sorry for all the hate and irrational messages you have received from Dominicans. Not all of us hate Haitians. Peace and love amidst... see more
Reply · March 16 at 5:07 PM
Dr1 If not wanting people who are sick, uneducated, with a different culture, poor, and behaving like savages invading any country is racist... I'm... see more
Reply · November 05 at 11:02 AM
Daniel Haitians haven't gave DR any freedom! False! Haiti was fearful of the re-establishment of Spain as colonial power on its border, because of that... see more
Reply · November 04 at 9:16 AM
Billy To whom who wrote this message. Read your message again and again then tell me who is racist. In every country, society there are people less... see more
Reply · November 04 at 3:57 AM
Dr1 Pretty sure you got some dumb, stupid Dominicans... I see it all the time... But in general check our status in the Caribbean economically and so... see more
Reply · November 01 at 11:47 AM
Andrew Samy I don't know for Dominican Republic you guys do more dirty job in United States with no education no knowledge. Please muther f***er tell your... see more
Reply · October 31 at 10:00 PM
Dr1 Yes, we, Dominicans are very happy for the Wall!! Thank you Haiti! Just so Haitians Know... we are no racist, we just became independent of you, we... see more
Reply · October 30 at 12:06 PM
Wilson Boue Very good idea it's in haiti best interest.
Reply · October 24 at 8:51 PM
Royese Of Where I can send money so the wall can be built in the entire border. And keep illegals on their side, like the USA and México, like Israel and... see more
Reply · October 17 at 2:10 PM
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