Haitians haven't gave DR any freedom!

Daniel - November 4 2013, 9:16 AM

Haitians haven't gave DR any freedom! False! Haiti was fearful of the re-establishment of Spain as colonial power on its border, because of that helped dominican revolutionaries (gave refuge and supplies).

Those are the facts.

Now RD is in the process of defining the identity of Haitians living in our territory.

We recall that Haiti has 10,000,000 inhabitants, but only 40% is documented.

Many of them have been obtained with the help of NGOs, false documentation, we are correcting this anomaly.

That's not racism, is putting the house in order.

Haiti has had a hostile attitude towards Dominicans.

No state has been as friendly as the Dominican Republic.

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It's about time my dream is finally becoming a...

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