Chicken in Haiti are laying MORE EGGs these days... LOL...

GOOD NEWS... Poultry farming is on the rise in Haiti... More chicken and more eggs being sold in Haiti are coming from Haitian poultry farms than ever before... There is no denying that this is a great business opportunity...

The other I spotted piles of eggs being sold in Hinche Haiti. The seller told me that these eggs were actually produced in plateau centrale Haiti... Ze Peyi so to speak.

The vendor told me that these eggs came from a chicken farm in Plateau Central Haiti. That's good news my ears because I had a friend of mine who had to close his chicken farm in Hinche because he could not compete with the mass quantity of chicken and eggs crossing the border into Haiti.

Since the ban on Dominican eggs crossing the border into Haiti, Chicken in Haiti have definitely been laying more eggs...

I love it...

What do you think about this?

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Annette Saintil says...

I love this story...

great news...

That means haiti is going to bounce back very

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Tonton Michel says...

This is a step in the right

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Gerda Tuck says...

It's the responsibility of the Haitian government to make laws protecting products made in Haiti by taxing those that are imported.

That's the only way Haiti can save its economy.

This apply as well to all other imported goods being smuggled into the country.

That's what kills the local farmers and other industries in the

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Paul says...

That is absolutely good news!
By the way...which came first: the chicken or the

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Woody says...

ZE poul blansh ki fet Haiti se ZE PEYI pa vre?

Poul yo Ayisyen

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