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Haitian doctor kidnapped, Bernard Mevs Hospital workers shut down the hospital

Dr Jerry Bitar, one of the leading doctors at Hopital Bernard Mevs in Haiti Hospital employees Bernard Hospital Haiti shut down the hospital after one of the leading doctors was kidnapped on his way to work early Friday morning. more »

Les superpuissances mondiales devraient monter sur leurs navires de guerre et attaquer le coronavirus, a declare mon pere de 85 ans

Les puissances mondiales sont tellement occupées à créer de grandes armes de destruction massive et elles ne peuvent même pas détruire un petit virus, a déclaré mon père de 85 ans. more »

Number of people infected with coronavirus in Haiti increases to 7

Haiti Medical Alert The number of people infected with coronavirus in Haiti has increased to seven. The Haitian government is making all efforts possible to keep the spread of the virus to a minimum. more »

Coronavirus - All Churches closed in Haiti this Sunday

In an attempt to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus in Haiti, the Catholic Church and the Haitian Protestant Federation decided to suspend all religious gatherings. more »

Coronavirus Message : To every rich Haitian who thought they could run away every time they get sick

I would like to send this message to every rich Haitian who thought they could run away every time they get sick in Haiti, to everyone who thought they could run to another country when the shit hits the fan, your day has come go to learn this hard lesson. more »

FLASH : Haiti - Roody Roodboy infected with Coronavirus

PHOTO: Roody Roodboy and her mother Breaking News... Haitian artist Roody Roodboy is one of the two confirmed people in Haiti infected with coronavirus. more »

FLASH : Two confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Haiti

Haiti Medical Alert Coronavirus has arrived in Haiti. A high ranking official in the Haitian government confirmed two cases of Corona virus contamination in Haiti Friday. more »

Coronavirus Haiti - US Embassy and France Embassy shut their doors until further notice

United States Embassy The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti and the Embassy of France announced Tuesday there are shutting their doors down due to the Coronavirus threat. more »

Insecurity vs. Criminality - Haitians have it all Confused

Jean Jean Roosevelt Surrounded by Police in Mirebalais Haiti Every time a crime is committed in Haiti, the first thing you hear in the media is insecurity is going up in Haiti. Why is it that this word "insecurity" is never in the United States. more »

Coronavirus : Ex Haiti president speaks out about precautions to take

Privert RED Kon KE MAKAK Ex Haitian president Jocelerme Privert spoke out asking the population take all necessary precautions to prevent the arrival of coronavirus onto our Haitian territory. more »