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Dominican Republic listed among countries with the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world

According a report from to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Latin America and the Caribbean have the second highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the world. The Dominican Republic is on that list. 15% of annual pregnancies occur in children under 20, the report said.

Haiti Agriculture - Artibonite RICE Production UP by 30 percent

There has been a significant increase in the Haitian rice production in the Artibonite region this past year since the launch of President Jovenel Moise's Caravan Changement in the area.

Gabriel Moise, brother of president Jovenel Moise, arrested in Port-de-Paix Tuesday

President Jovenel Moise's big brother Gabriel Moise was arrested Tuesday in Port-de-Paix for his arrogance with police officers trying to restore order in the city.

Haitians Travelers will soon be FREE to move about in CARICOM Countries, but there's a catch

Haitians will soon be able to move freely in all the CARICOM countries, as early as 30 March 2018; however, It will not be as easy as going to Chile... There is a catch...

The old Haitian Diaspora man finally threw away his "Ti Radio" for Haitian news only

Many Haitians in the Diaspora, especially the older generation, has this "Ti Radio" that is only able to pick up one Haitian station for news and information. One Haitian man in New York finally decided to throw his away... Why?

Could Haiti Be The Real Wakanda?

Could Haiti be the real Wakanda? Haitians were amongst some of the fiercest and most capable resisters to colonialism and slavery...

Everything you know, everything you believe is because you saw or heard it - No wonder Haiti is the poorest country, we hear it everyday!

I was watching a video on YouTube where comedian DL Hughley was giving his opinion about the Black Panther movie and it made me think about Haiti. DL Hughley said: "Everything you know, everything you believe, you know it or believe it because because you saw it or you heard it." Let me ask you a question: What have you seen or heard about Haiti all your life?

Haiti in the Movies - How 'Black Panther' Taps Into Years of Haitian History

Want to know the Relationship between Marvel's Movie Black Panther, Toussaint Louverture and the History of Haiti? Read this from a text by Johns Hopkins historian Nathan Connolly...

FLASH: Haiti - Fire Breaks out in another Marche in Port-au-Prince Sunday

Breaking News... Antother Marché catches fire in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti Sunday, 18 Feb, 2018. This time it's Marché Guérit behind Douane de Port-au-Prince...

Les oeuvres que nous devons pratiquer sont celles des lumieres!

Les oeuvres qui ont pour principes l'amour du semblable sont celles qui doivent etre ambitionnees par les justes, car ce seraient celles qui peseront le plus dans la balance celeste. Si tu frequentes les bons, tes examples seront inutiles; ne crains pas de vivre parmi les mechants pour les ramener au bien.