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Football: Haiti vs Brazil at Copa America later tonight, it's like David vs Goliath

PHOTO : Haiti Football Team vs USA - Gold Cup 2015 All Haitian soccer fans are celebrating today and the game has not even begun yet. The Haitian soccer team will face Brazil later tonight at the Copa America Centenario in Orlando Florida... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Reports of Tires Burning in front of Aristide University in Carradeux

PHOTO: Haiti Manifestation, Tires Burning The US Embassy in Port-au-Prince has just sent a security message to Americans in Haiti to avoid the area near Aristide University in Carradeux this Wednesday, June 8, 2016, due to reports of tires burning in front of the university... more »

FLASH: Haiti Border - Lots of Dominican Soldiers spotted on the Dominican Border with Haiti

PHOTO: Dominican Soldiers Haiti-Dominican Border Update - There was a lot of Dominican soldiers spotted on the Dominican side of the border between Elias Pina, DR and Belladere Haiti Tuesday... In all the check points leading away from the border, at least a half dozen soldiers were present... more »

Haiti Earthquake Victim Named Valedictorian Of Boston School

PHOTO: Joe Freddy Francois Great News from Haitian Diaspora in Boston MA -- A Haitian Student, Joe Freddy Francois who survived the January 2010 Haiti earthquake has just been named the first ever valedictorian of the Henderson K-12 Inclusion School in Dorchester MA... more »

Taiwan Donates 980 tons of Rice to Haiti

PHOTO: Haitian man taking a nap with a bag of rice under his head Humanitarian Aid to Haiti - More RICE for the people... The government of Taiwan has decided donate 980 tons of rice via NGO Food for the Poor to support its food assistance program in Haiti... more »

Haiti-USA Visa Question : Does your Income Matter?

En Haiti, Yon VISA Americain se GWO Koze... A Haitian women asked me this US VISA question: "I work at a bank and I've been thinking about applying for a US visa, but I was wondering whether or not my monthly 20,000 gourdes income is enough to qualify..." more »

Haitian Christians, why mention Satan's name at all?

Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois celebrating Mass at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn NY Here is something to think about this morning... Why do you keep mentioning Satan's name while you are in church? Would it not be better to simply praise the Lord and thank him for all he has done for you? more »

Muhammad Ali Te Suporte Haiti nan moman Goudougoudou a, Nou di li MESI pou sa

Chris Rock Muhammad Ali Hope For Haiti Now Telethon Hommage a Muhammad Ali... Nan Moman Haiti te nan soufrans li, apre goudougoudou 12 Janvier a, gran boxer Muhammad Ali te reponn prezan malgre maladi li tap soufri... An nou tout Haitien di li mesi pousa... more »

Haitian Planters complaining about too much rain these days

PHOTO: Haiti -  4 Haitien chita nan yon lakou andeyo ap kale pwa Many Haitian planters are complaining about the rain... Too much rain, they cannot plant their crops... Isn't that funny? When there's no rain there is a problem, when there is rain there is a problem... more »

Haitians in the Provinces complain how much they HATE going to Port-au-Prince

Haitian Machan Fresco A couple Haitian women sitting in a beauty salon in Plateau Central Haiti were discussing how much they HATE going to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's Capital city... "My heart start to beat faster as soon as I reach Morne Cabrit", one of them said. more »