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PHOTOS: Haiti Insecurite - Gunshots fired at NATCOM, DIGICEL, Marriott Hotel, Sogebank, Behrmann Motors

PHOTO: Bullet Holes - Shots Fired at Natcom, Digicel, Marriott Hotel Look at this photos... Many big businesses like NATCOM, DIGICEL, Marriott Hotel, Sogebank, Behrmann Motors and AutoMeca were sprayed with bullets early morning Friday, 24 Jun 2016... more »

Regulated Haitians in Dominican Republic asked 14,000 pesos to renew their legal documents

Danilo Medina - President of the Dominican Republic More than 130,000 Haitian immigrants beneficiaries of national regularization of foreign Plan (NWRP) are about to be expelled from the Dominican Republic unless they can come up with 14,000 pesos each... more »

Haitians, Why BRAG about it if you Do NOT intend to SHARE it?

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh... My fellow Haitians... Why do you brag about what you have in abundance if you do not intend to share it with the people you are bragging to? Let me tell you a story that happened only a few days ago... more »

Haiti at the Olympics - Haiti's FIRST Olympic Medal was BEFORE Sylvio Cator

Samyr Laine - London 2012 Summer Olympics Did you know? Haiti's first Olympic medal was not the silver medal won by Sylvio Cator in the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam... NOPE... Haiti won it's first Olympic medal before that... Read this... more »

Haiti - TOUT Sekte ap Plenyen, Problem Economique, Lajan Pa Sikile, ti pep raze, Granneg raze

PHOTO: System Ekonomi Peyi d'Haiti - Lajan pa Sikile, li fè tou dwat PATI kite peyi a Mezanmi, Bagay yo DI en Haiti, ni moun anwo, ni moun anba, TOUT ap plenyen, problem economique, lajan pa sikile nan peyi a... Si ti pèp la paka achte, sa vle di grosis paka vann... Se yon katastwòf... more »

Rio Olympics 2016 - Haitian Wrestler Wants to Bring Haiti her First Olympic Medal in 88 Years

PHOTO: Asnage Castelly - Haitian Wrestler Did you know? The last time Haiti won an Olympic medal was 88 years ago... Haitian wrestler Asnage Castelly want to change that. Asnage is heading to Rio Olympic Games in Brazil this August and he is determined to bring Haiti her first Olympic medal in 88 years... more »

Haiti Department of Transportation - Who Maintains the Traffic Lights?

PHOTO: Haiti Street Signs and Traffic Lights Does Haiti have a Department of Transportation? If there is such a thing, then why am reading in the newspapers that there is a BLACKOUT on all traffic lights in Port-au-Prince? more »

Haiti Question: Si ou tap fe yon film sou politik peyi d'Haiti, kijan ou t ap rele film sa a?

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon salle cinema andedan Ciné Triomphe Jodi Vendredi, an nou bay blag... LOL... Si ou tap produit yon film sou politique peyi d'Haiti, kijan ou tap rele film sa a? Ki aktè ki t ap ladan li? Ba nou yon ti pati nan scenario a non! more »

Dominican Deportations to Haiti: Amnesty International Releases SHOCKING Report

PHOTO: Child and Baby Deported at Midnight from the Dominican Republic to Haiti Haiti Immigration -- Amnesty International has just released a new report denouncing the chaotic way the Dominican Republic has been deporting Haitians AND Dominicans back to Haiti... more »

Haiti Avertissement - LETA fek Suspann TOUT Permit de Porte d'Arme nan peyi a...

PHOTO: Haiti Caricature - Suspension de Tous Les Permis de Port d'Arme Attention TOUT sitwayen honèt nan peyi d'Haiti... Attention TOUT Diaspora k'ap rantre nan peyi a... LETA Haitien fèk Suspann TOUT Permit de Porte d'Arme nan peyi a... Ou pa gen dwa mache ak zam en Haiti menm si ou gen permis pou li... more »