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My Friends are USING Me - Is being a nice person stressing you out?

Is it me or do some people around you, so called friends, use and abuse you because you are a nice person? They want you to do for them what what they will NEVER do for you. How is that friendship???

Your choice of a good wife: Someone who can can cook, can clean OR career woman?

If you ask your Haitian father for advice on how to get a good woman, a good candidate for a wife, he will probably counsel you to get a woman who can cook and clean but is that all you need these days?

Port-au-Prince Haiti is a stressful place, one resident said

A young man, 33 years old, is telling a friend about his daily life experience in Port-au-Prince Haiti. It is a stressful place he says.

The New Haitian Army is looking for a Few Good Men...

Young Haitians between the age of 18 to 35, prepare to join the Haitian armed forces. The Miniter of Defence just announced it is recruiting...

Can sleeping under a fan all night make you sick?

There are many people out there who believe sleeping with a fan all night on will make you sick is it true or false?

Most Dangerous Countries in the World - Haiti is BETTER than Most

The 2017 list of the MOST dangerous counties in the world is out... Read this... HAITI is safer than Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba, Israel, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, AND the United States... Let facts inform your choices...

The Unwanted Guest at your house, brings nothing, consumes everything

If you are going over to a friend's house for a couple of weeks, how much will you contribute in the everyday expenses of the house? OR are you planning a FREELOADING adventure???

Haiti Electricity - The State owes EDH 5 Billion Gourdes of electricity

Have you heard? The State of Haiti (l'Etat Haitien) owes the electric company EDH 5 billion gourdes of electricity... Talk about an electric bill... That's an electric bill...

Haitians have no respect for the Justice System in Haiti - True or False?

Let's take of the case of Guy Philippe for instance. If he was sentenced in Haiti for 9 years. He would not spend a day in jail, one man said on a radio program.

New York Haitian-American Legislator Carrie Solages arrested for Domestic Violence

Long Island, New York -- Haitian-American Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages was arrested Wednesday. Solages is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, police said.