True or False? The New York Times Enjoys Painting POOR HAITI

Most major newspapers out there seems to have this silent "POVERTY SECTION" and, for decades, that's where Haiti has been making headlines... over and over again...

Haiti Change wi, l-ap tann ou

The funny thing is that is NOT where Haiti wants to be...

Does Poverty sale newspapers? It has to!

Everybody wants to read about that POOR litty bitty place where people eat mud cakes!

Virtually ever article written about Haiti includes the words poor, poorest, poverty stricken, impoverished... as if it is Haiti's last name.

No matter what the subject, if it's about Haiti, poverty is there!

Poverty is always there!

The other day I was reading about a Haitian athlete in the National Footbal League (NFL) and... YES... Poverty was there!

What the hell is poverty doing in an article about an Haitian NFL player???

The media does such a wonderful job paint POOR HAITI that my next-door neighbor in the United States looks at my Haitian face and feels sorry for me while I have 3 cars parked in my drive way, I am paying people to mow my lawn, I am paying someone to clean my swimming pool, my kids are in private school, my wife is a stay at home mom, while HE, my neighbor cannot keep up with his mortgage payments.

My neighbor calls me up and offers to give me his old clothes he no longer needs saying "Ohhh I figured your family in Haiti could probably use them!"

One of my other neighbors once came to me, half drunk, asking me: "Ohhh Woody, Are these your cousins?" pointing to the poor Haitians who made headline news for attempting to enter the United States by sea.

Hell... Sometimes even when something good comes out of Haiti, these reporters scratch off the top and lay the POVERTY ICING on the Haitian CAKE!

Doesn't that bother you?

Here's my suggestion: If you subscribe to any of these news papers call them up and tell then you want to read about Haiti in the Business section, the Living section, and NOT in the POVERTY section.

I gotta go... I have to go shed some pounds off the weight I've gained over the years by not eating ORGANIC foods from Haiti.


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Jean Bourguignon says...

Yes sir! I am tired of it. The media/ reporters are recyclers.

Specially those who do not know much about the subject matter.

Let's just say that they use the copy and paste functions quite a lot pour mentionner les aspects

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Luko Adjaffi says...

not true ...remember...once..Haiti use to be la paradis des antilles...

j aime i love Haiti

Haiti will be once again a good

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Bernadette says...

Woody, I am sorry I think it is funny and tragic at the same time. The point is that we Haitians like to see things only from our point of view. You hit right on point when you referred to what sells newspapers.

Good stories about Caribbean nations next door to America doing good will not sell newspapers especially at a time when US is not doing too well. America wants to know and rest assured about next door neighbors who are doing much worst than themselves.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Nou kale bannanes, yanm nan, pois a etc. nou kite tout peau yo a terre a. demain si Dieu veut, yo tournin sou min-m pil fatra a, se pou gouvernment Martelly a charge nou pou sa.

Se mal-propre; surtout President ki te la deja yo te deja cochons deja, marchan yo pa suppose ap fe min-m tintin yo nan la rue

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ban-m repondre sa a en creole pou sila yo ki pa pale Anglais ka comprendre.

Pito-m bwe pois, par ce que sa pou-m ta di a, gros mechants yo tap fe arret kadiac.

En nou prie BonDieu nan ciel la poul li pa koule bon Chretien ki en Haiti yo an ba dlo ensemble avec mechants yo, min-m que nou pap passe nan min-m portes.

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Tidjolove says...

First of all I would like to thank Mr Woody for this interesting topic and experience that you share with us.Some of us
we like bragging about how poor we are, we can not eat, our family are dying over there, and they say oh sorry, and give us couple quarters.

Really Haitians, this is what we are?we can do better that. If the media try to paint us negatively, it is our job to inform foreigners about Haiti.Last year, starting in November, at our Church they had chosen
a couple to come in front and read a verse with a candle, they selected us, one guy, he was visitor, said where are you from we proudly said Haiti, he replied oh I thought they said Haitian people can't read and write, it is not joke many foreigners have no clue about Haiti.Its our job to tell them our country is not all about disease, poverty,killing, Port Au prince that's all they know. Since I'm here I read only one positive news from the foreign media about our country.''THEY FIND GOLD IN HAITI''.MALE

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Garry says...

Haiti is broke, not poor.
The same tricks were used on jews throughout eastern europe during early 40's. They were pictured as skeletons, dirty and dead in the streets of Poland, Holland and Germany etc.
The same tricks are being used on blacks and non white countries.

They know the effects of that language
It was also used on blacks in South Africa during the segregation

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Si.journalismonline says...

Isit true or false that haiti is poor, dirty, full of restaveks (nick name used for a modern children slaves)?.The answer is true. Do haitians truly need to revolt against such practices the answer is true. By abolishing them who will be the beneficiaries and the loosers?

those stupids and idiots entrepreneurs including the selfish politicians will loose the restaveks the free slaves and all ti sachet dlo all over the country.

We can not be frustrated for the articles, we should not blame newspapers for telling the world our way of living.

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Max Mills says...

Woody my friend you have three cars park in your garage, a white man to mow your lawn and another one to clean your pool, your son goes to a private school and so on...then you suggesting to me to call these people to tell whats not, #$#& about Haitian poverty then report back to you. Just wondering are you one of the big shots people sitting at your place manipulating and encouraging others to take streets then get killed for your own benefits and your selfish gains games?

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Elizabeth says...

listen tho this my friend.


OU GIN W JOUNAL DOMINICAN, nan sektion ki make POVERTY A depi w klik sou li, se de haiti w woe yap pale selman.

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