Woody, I am sorry I think it is funny and tragic at the same...

Bernadette - July 9 2012, 9:15 PM

Woody, I am sorry I think it is funny and tragic at the same time. The point is that we Haitians like to see things only from our point of view. You hit right on point when you referred to what sells newspapers.

Good stories about Caribbean nations next door to America doing good will not sell newspapers especially at a time when US is not doing too well. America wants to know and rest assured about next door neighbors who are doing much worst than themselves.

It makes them feel good. This is the whole point about daily newspapers: Controversies, shocking events, gossips, unusual stories that we call sensationalism is what sells newspapers.

I am appalled that New York Times has lowered itself to such behavior.

New York Times, although mainstream and conformist usually refrained itself from lower standard newspapers and used better journalism decorum.

It is also true that most countries do not know us other than being poor with all of its consequences and with a religious beliefs that is vaudou, even when we are practicing catholic.

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