New Year's Day... Soup Joumou Day...

The only thing that can separate me from my bowl of soup joumou today is...

Woodring Saint Preux - Soup Joumou

"another bowl of soup joumou"
Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

If you are a real Haitian you will have one... or two... or three bowls of Soup Joumou on New Years day!

This is the The Most memorable day for us...

  • We celebrate our Independence,
  • We start the new year, and...
  • We drink soup joumou with the ones we love.

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Myrtho Charles says...

I always have soup joumou every year even when Iwas living in New Zealand.

I guess I was the fisrt one who introduced thyme and joumou there.

While there we had friends coming over for a different kind of soup that thry never had before We must have a lot of soup. We have to eat until the we pass out.It is the best time of tne

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Jean says...

Hi Woodrigue, you are so funny man,,congratulation for what you have been in this moment.You really care about Haiti,,I have the same feeling you have for this beautiful country..

Let's pray for everything change there,,,,


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Sergo Jean says...

I support it 100 %.In 1804 God thee Father of Jesus Christ made Haiti free from all nations of the world.Apre 207 an, Counie a se moman pou tout Ayisyen retounen ver the Holy one of Israel kite pemet Jou indepandans sa posib avec choua ke li te fe bo kote Dessalines, Toussaint e autres pou te pemet Haiti vin lib e gran mounn.

Premier Janvier se jou tout Ayisyen reconet com jou de libete e li fete l avec yon manje ki simple pou fe e ki te tre presie pou masters yo, men gras a Dieu esclav yo te vin gen doua pou manje produi presie sa tou.Jou sa nou pran pou fete ya nou we le mod arive reconet li com premie jou nan ane e mwen swete yo bay Haiti plas li an tan ke peyi avec tout citoyen lakay li. Jodia premie Janvier 2011 Menm Haiti sa anco ocupe pa menm group sa yo, sou yon lot Nom sou form ke yo vin ede, pendan ke yap mande prezidan peyi ya tout pouvoi le li invite yo nan kek bagay .Map di yo antan ke ayisyen nou konpran yo e menm Dieu sa kite mete Haiti lib la, Li anco la Li pap domi lap gade tout sa kap fet e lap pran not e mwen cre lap vin delivre haiti menm jan li te fe avan e foua sa le mond pral reconet Li an tan ke Roi des rois sou tout te ya e mechan yo kitap fe pep sa soufri depi tout tan li te pran liberte lia pral soufri e peye pou sa yo te fe.mwen swete pep Haitien cap soufri a couraj e gade la foua jou a pa loin pou delivrans .He will come to destroy all bad whatever you are.Viv Liberte Egalite Fraternite nou se Haitien ke Dieu beni nou

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Monchery says...

Man, it's like you had agreat time with your family, and friends when you were back in Haiti.Your face says everything, seems like you're still close to your family, and friends good for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND GOD BLESS

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Luc says...

Bonjour as-tu trouvé la recette pour la soupe joumou...

ma femme qui est haitienne m'en a fait au jour de l'an cette année si tu as la recette j'aimerais l'avoir envoie la moi

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Marie Gabriel says...

I can't stay away from it, it's a tradition and I teach my children the same thing.

This is our tradition and we can't burry it. We will take it to the grave with us. Soup Joumou, cremass and gateau are our menu for new year and my family call january 2nd (jou ate' garni) From the province were I came from, they cook a lot and put all the food in the kitchen 's little table, some on the floor and cal us one by one to pick up your plate I always look for the one which have the turkey leg, hum hum my favor.

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Stephanie says...

hi woodring

you are ok?

i m very happy to see your pictures you have chance because you have your bowl of soup but me i can t cause i live with my grand sister and two brothers, my sister don't like soup

but i m happy i know why you are like this! you have to much bowls of soup! its

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Carmel says...

Hi woodring,

I want to aske you how many vent do you have, are you a

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Monique Dessources says...

Woody, ou fem renmenw de plizan pli. Ayisien natif natal.

Mwen pa kapab pase yon premie janvie san bwe 4 a 5 bol soup. Mwen renmen weou telman, I save all Emails wich have your pictures on, so Ican see you every

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Garry Destin says...

In Haiti we had soup early morning around ten O'clock then go visiting people.

The first one was Daurismond who always had brand new dollars and gourdes passing to each kid who come as "Jour de l'an"

When I was in NY, my late sister Lili always made soup.

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