Advice for the Haitian Community - A poet's perspective (Part 5)

Question #5: Do you have any advice for the Haitian Community?

We asked Haitian Writer and poet Josaphat-Robert Large 5 questions including this question... Read his answer...

Answer: My message to the Haitian community:

Do not ever forget our little country, no matter how bad things are.

Our financial support is vital!

As Flag Day will be tomorrow, let's offer it some win of support so that it will swirl in the sky for many more years.

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Topic says...

First of all, I think this website is doing a good job about bringing haitian news and social event as well as our talents.

I love Josaphat Robert- Large article and I would like to find out how to reach him so he could come speak at an event at school.

I am sad because I hear every thing going on in Haiti and I want to show something positive.


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Subject: Advice for the Haitian Community - A poet's perspective (Part 5) edit

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