It's NOT all over for Palito de Coco, In fact It's just the begining

If you thought "Game Over" when you heard Palito de Coco left the Dominican Republic and moved back to Haiti, think again... Rumor has it Rumai, El Palito de Coco, may even participate in Haiti Kanavel 2014 in Gonaives...

Le Nouvelliste has just released an article about Mercidieu Dorleant, apparently Rumai's real name (not Roman Dorlean) where they tell his story in a completely different way.

You can read the article here: Rumai ou l'incroyable destin d'un vendeur de"dous"

Here are some exerps from the article...

His father is dead, his mothere lives in '"Estere. It was always Mercidieu's dream to build a house for his mother in l'Estere and, performing on stage as far as Japan seems like it's around the corner.

Palito de Coco is currently IN HAITI working on the release of his new Album. You may hear about him on radio and on television is the days to come... and there is BIG change that 'El Palito de Coco' will be participating in Haiti Kanaval 2014 in Gonaives

What do you think about that?

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Juan Timal says...

Dieu merci...

Hopefully he makes

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Subject: It's NOT all over for Palito de Coco, In fact It's just the begining edit

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