Immigration Scams In The Haitian Community

There are many Immigration scams and fraudulent immigration services taking place in the Haitian community. Some of them were found in Brooklyn NY and they are being sued by the State of New York as we speak.

Be very careful who you are giving your money to and what they are promising you.

Haitian people are constantly falling prey to these fake immigration services.

I myself was taken for a few thousand dollars when I was living here illegally.

Since the Haiti Earthquake, there are many so called organizations who are promising you everything to take your money.

Sad to say, these are Haitian-run organizations out to screw you out of your hard earned money.

I wanted to make sure I bring this to your attention.

CNN announced earlier this week that "New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced Monday lawsuits to permanently shut down three Brooklyn-based companies that targeted Haitian communities with fraudulent immigration services."

Here are the names of some of the companies involved in this recent lawsuit:

  • Chay Pa Lou Community Center Inc.
  • Delegue Tax Consultant Inc.
  • Rincher's Multi-Service
  • Haitian American Entrepreneur's Group LLC

If you live in New York State, here is what you need to know:

Accoring to the CNN Article, "New York state law requires anyone providing immigration services to comply with advertising, signage and surety requirements, and to give consumers written contracts in both the consumer's native language and English that detail their services and cancellation policy. Furthermore, it is illegal to mislead or defraud any person in immigration-related services."

Read the full article here.

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Carline says...

Yep am a

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Josy says...

Amen! I did not realize you were a sister, so I apologize and taught you were Dominican.

My bad! I adored my dad, and am a mother of three Black men I am proud of my dad, and my

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Carline says...

Listen I love haitians men and I love my country ok. Wat I was sayin that haitian people aways make things compicated like for example TPS don't cost money but some haitians people chargin a lot of money to do it and its not fair. I don't hate them I hate how they act they always try to bring they own people down am pround to be an haitian.

I need a good hatian

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Josy says...


If God wants Haitians to change they will be transformed in the blink of an eye. The principal applies to the rest of the world, and THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE has the last word.

I use to work with a bunch of racist white women, and they did not associate with Blacks.

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Carline says...

Haitians can never change they will always remain the

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Josy says...

You have Haitians who cannot read, or write and others do no speak English.

You also have Haitians pulling each other's teeth with plyers in garages, and who knows what else is going on in their basements.

I had a terrible toothache one time, and was in a store.

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Damebochie says...

I just don't understand why someone would pay an organization to take care of his/her immigration businesses, when he/she can go straight to the source.

The webpage provide enough information to people about immigration cases.

Not only they provided the forms needed there, but you also have detailed instructions on how to fill out the forms.

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