I want my right to be president of Haiti

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
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September 26, 2005
Yap Pale, Nap travay!

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loyalty to that principle.

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From the Desk of Woodring Saint Preux

I want my right to be president of Haiti

Why is it OK for us to send money to Haiti but it's not OK
for us to run for office

I know that whenever a person decides to talk about an issue
people say you are taking sides but this issue is important
to me and to all Haitians living outside the mother

Even if you are an illegal immigrant, even if you only have
a green card, you better take this issue seriously or you
may find yourself in Dumarsais Simeus’ shoes.

We all left Haiti as kids or as adults in search of a better
life. We should not all be punished because our leaders, so
far, have been too weak and too incapable of managing our
country and creating opportunities for us and our parents.

If they were doing their job, perhaps we would not have

Why is dual citizenship important? I will tell you why it's
important to me then perhaps you can relate.

I came to the United States when I was 14. I am sure you
will agree that at the age of 14 I didn't make the decision
to come here.

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My father, at that time, though it was necessary for me to
get an education and open my eyes to new opportunities.

Thanks dad, this is the best thing you ever did for me, but
did you make a mistake?

Your decision may cost me the presidency of my country.

Did you work hard here to take care of us for no reason?

Mom, did you clean all these hotel rooms for no reason?

I was not born in the United States so I can never be
president of the United States. My two boys, they cannot be
president in the United States neither because their father
was not born here in the United States.

Where does that leave me and my kids? Until the day they die
are you telling me that then can never say â€"When I grow up I
want to be president”?

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Did my parents make a mistake? You see, coming here in the
US was their decision not mines.

What right do you have to take away my children’s right to
represent me in my own country?

What right do you have to take away my right to represent my
mother and my father after all the sacrifices they made to
raise me?

Article 135 of the Haitian Constitution serves no purpose
and needs to be amended.

When I become a US Citizen, are you telling me that I
forfeit my right to become president of Haiti?

What about the 16 years I spent living here illegally
dreaming of returning home one day, will you compensate me
for that?

All the embargos and all the money my parents sent back home
so the kids they left behind could purchase goods and
services from Haitians who never left.

All these Haitians who benefited from my father’s sweat can
be president but he cannot be president and neither can his
kids simply because he chose the only option he had in order
to guarantee the survival of his children.

What kind of country denies a man the right to carry his

This is a stupid law, and it needs to be changed.

If this law stays in effect then what’s in it for us young
Haitian Americans and illegal immigrants who have been away
from home for too long?

If this law stays in effect then what happens to all the
children of Haitian citizens who are born in captivity?

The Haitian Diaspora is the number one source of income for
all walks of life in Haiti, including the rich. If we don't
supply money to the masses, who will buy your rice?

If the Diaspora stop sending money to Haiti then Haiti’s
economy will shut down, you all know that.

Pardon the arrogance but you need us and you need our money!

Talk about the elections here:

reply to this article here:

If I am not fit to be president, then I should keep my money
in my pocket, what do you think?

Wyclef Jean carries a symbol of Haitian pride with him
everywhere he goes but he cannot be president?

So what’s in it for him to go around the world inspiring
young Haitian kids that it’s OK to be Haitian and be proud
of it?

What purpose does pride serve when we are not equal under
the Haitian banner?

We are so proud of his accomplishments. we would be so upset
if he denied his heritage, but he cannot be president.

Who wrote this constitution? That’s not written for the
people. When you scream "Pèp La" I am one of them.

Why should we pledge any allegiance to Haiti, why should we
be proud of a flag that is ashamed of us. Why should I waste
thousands of hours of my precious life to promote Haitian
culture on the internet when my government is letting go
when I am trying to hold on?

Most of us left to find opportunity, a better life,
education, fame, fortune, experience, wisdom.

Now that we found it, there is a law that makes it illegal
for us to return home and share with our fellow Haitians
what we found.

I do not have any intentions to run for president but I
would very much like the option to be widely open to me
should I decide to do so.

It is not fair for those who never left the country and
those who could not leave the country to be so mad that they
are trying to keep us out.

It is not fair for those who are trying to look out for
their own personal interest to put an indefinite embargo on
haitians living abroad.

The constitution has been written by Haitian men, it has
been modified by Haitian and non-Haitian men overtime
whenever it needs to be twisted.

It’s time you untwist it and give me back my right.

Do not vote for anyone who is against Dual Citizenship.

Talk about the elections here:

reply to this article here:

Haiti is for Haitians, All Haitians including those who buy
a calling card to call home.

I will always be the son of Joseph Galbeau Saint Preux and
Elianie Fameux no matter how many citizenships I have. My
birth place will always be Hinche, Haiti, no matter where I

I am Haitian for life, don't nobody try to take that away
from me.

I deserve the right to go home and run for whatever office I
so choose.

Are you telling me that I can build as many websites as I
want to benefit the Haitian community, I can send as much
money as I want to family and friends, I can go back there
and blow my life savings, and no one will stop me, but I
cannot go back there to benefit Haiti by becoming the
commander in chief?

What is this law here to protect?

What is this law here to serve?

What is it there to prevent?

This law is in my way, it is in your way too even if you
only have a visa, even if you never left the country.

It is in the way of everyone who left Haiti in search of a
better life.

This law is unconstitutional; it needs to be changed now,
right now.

I am 32 years old and I am tired of seeing Haitian people
complain in their living room while nothing gets done. We
can do something about this one so let's fix it.

If you are in Haiti and you have at least one family member
who resides outside of Haiti, you better start asking your
candidate where he stands on the issue of Dual Citizenship.

If you live outside of haiti, grab you calling card and call
every family member you know and get the word out there.

We want dual Citizenship!

Chances are if a candidate is against it he is certainly
against progress.

We left Haiti and we are out there probing every culture you
can think of. That's progress.

Don't vote for anyone who is against me coming back home to
tell you what I've seen!

I certainly hope you put some pressure on Haitian supreme
court to reverse Article 135 of the Haitian Constitution.

I am Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

Talk about the elections here:

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