Haiti Traffic Police Will Be Using Radar Soon

Attention Haitian reckless drivers, if you think Haiti is a SAVANN where you can drive however you want, as fast as you want, think again...

Haitian Traffic police (DCPR) will soon be using radar guns to check for speeding vehicles on Haiti RN1 and RN2 (routes Nationales 1 et 2)

This is according to Garry Desrosiers, porte parole of the Haiti National Police (PNH)

The problem in Haiti is not LAWS
The problem in Haiti is LAW ENFORCEMENT

Question: Will this measure actually be ENFORCED in Haiti?

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Betty says...

All I am thinking is how stupid is this idea. I am pretty sure there is no speed limit posted on those roads RN1 and RN2.Just how will someone know there is a violation if there are no rules?I have nothing against technology but we should use something in our best interests, not copying what other countries are doing.

These guns are not free gifts.

Instead of spending money buying radar guns and squeeze the juice out of the population we should control our borders, extend our relation with other countries and exploit our natural ressources and stop selling our land to foreigners.Soon there will be no land left in Haiti for us

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Patrick Princivil says...

Hello guys!

You have to be wise. You Diasporas! you know how some police in US-Canada the radar guns to rob drivers, some police use radar guns as a busines to put money in the government' caisse: I understand that, if you see somebody is speeding at anytime, this person as to take a ticket, but hiding somewhere to give 3.000.000 or more people tickets a day for speeding is not fair. Maybe the government give them discount for that. The funny thing, they don't give tickets to the drivers who drive government's bus. You have to be careful about that, now what will happen?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Haiti should undercover from taking a $10 $15 from people under the table for speeding etc instead of giving somebody a ticket for $200, under the table you negotiate a $10 or $15 with that person.

What will happen?

The government will loose $190 or $185.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Believe me guys,

Haiti has to fix properly like before 1804-1957, I want white people to figure out who are the pigs in Haiti.

We can be poor, but not unclean like that. I am proud of 99 percent police of Canada-US. Hell and paradise are something between God and them, but they are doing a good job to protect humanity.

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Aly says...

About time! But, unfortunagely, the level of corruption is high in higher levels of the Haitian administration that only corrupt traffic officers will be assigned to these "lucrative" posts, :) ...if only state emplyees were requiered to live within their budgeted

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Harold Fleurine says...

That all you got?

how about the bad guy who using the road to do the criminel activities, used anything they can to cause accident on the road the haiti highways are not safe, no police control, no respect for other driver, because no sanction for the bad driver no pinition for those who violate the

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Paul K says...

They should invest in building good roads and highways first.

They should invest in removing all the debris from the last earthquake.

They should invest in cleaning the streets, so that pedestrians are not covered with dust when cars drive by. I experienced this last year, in the capital.They should invest in making sidewalks for pedestrians.

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Elizabeth says...

Hey SERAPHIN, everything is possible.nou gin yon payi nou bezoin raple a lod. nimpot sa k fet pou beneficie lod sa se yon plis. an nou prie bon die pou presidan MARTELLYjoin lagen pou l fe sak merite fetyo, moin garanti w avan 5 ans l fini, nap gin yon lot HAITI.


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Seraphin Astrel says...

how do you going to be radar, without having a road every 3 meters, for example there are

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