New Haiti Constution In Effect, Haiti Recognizes Dual Citizenship

Haitian President Michel Martelly Tuesday signed an order authorizing the release after months of controversy, an amended version of the constitution of the country who recognize such dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad.

Haiti Constitution Creole

The amended text "brings a lot of new elements in politics and democracy in Haiti, this is a turning point in national history," said the presidential palace since the head of state in the presence of government President of the National Assembly and the diplomatic corps.

Among the changes, Mr. Martelly cited the formation of the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) responsible for organizing the upcoming parliamentary by-elections and local and regional elections and the principle of "multiple nationality", which will for the first After 4 million Haitians living outside the country to vote and stand for office.

"All Haitians are Haitians. No more debate, "Mr. Martelly launched in Creole, which was also pleased that the new version of the constitution establishes the 30% quota of women in public administration.

"Out of ten persons named in the state, there must be at least three women," he insisted, prompting applause from the First Lady Sophia Martelly, this along with seven women members of cabinet.

The signing of this Order, which will allow the entry into force of the new constitution, puts an end to months of controversy over the revision of the "mother law".

Adopted in 1987 following the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship (1957-1986), the constitution had been amended and published in May 2011, shortly before the inauguration of Mr. Martelly, but the document had been reviewed because many "factual errors" found in the text.

The new version has been revised and corrected "in concert with other powers, legislative and judicial branches," said Mr. Martelly Tuesday.

Source: Agence France-Presse

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Marc Monestime says...

I am not complaining lol. I try to put pressure on Some haitian politicians to do the right thing for the country and the haitian people living in haiti or abroard.

If we were not complaining we would not be where we are today.

Thank you to the president of the Senate, Honorable Dieusel Simon Desras, pressident Michel, and so on.

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Bernadette says...

Don't worry about it. We won the first round: The right to vote. With the right to vote we can change things.

Politicians are by nature prostitutes, they will always open up to the highest

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Elizabeth says...

Yes, I agree.

This will all end well for Haiti given the current circumstances.

However, the majority of the Haitian people will need to stop giving into

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Bernadette says...

Food for thought: Haiti too should do business with Africa
Africa's Boom

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Bernadette says...

Right on point, Lisa. It is about time we stopped that blanket victimization about Haiti and Haitians.

Above all, your seeing Haiti as part of a global network with problems indigenous to any country around the world.

Haiti is not unique in its problems, trials and tribulations.

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Elizabeth says...

Attention all of the Haitian people who are talking badly about Haiti, Haitians, and Haitian parliament, did you forget that YOU too are also Haitian?

When you speak badly about Haiti or Haitians, you are speaking badly about yourself as well. That is so dumb. And for all of the people who don't have Haitian ancestry, take a chance to dive into the Haitian culture and learn about us, our food, our beliefs, and the parts of Haiti which AREN'T impoverished.

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Elizabeth says...

Omg, even though it's long overdue at least it's here! We have it now and can take advantage of it. Stop complaining about the past and be happy for the bright future which lies ahead of Haiti and Haitians world wide. We are making great strides

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Marc Monestime says...

This decision has still come too late. We haitians living abroard are allowed to run foe office in many other countries in ours we can not. It is a shame.

what do you think citizens of other countries would think about us as Haitians.

This new amendment is a long overdue.

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Harold Fleurine says...

Iam glad president Michel martelly does'nt take in the pression of the Oposition rasist kap pietine detruit tout famille cree insecurite tou patou nan payi a

meri bondieu GOD BLESS YOU

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Will Smith says...

I could careless what the new constitution says about "double Nationalite" because I have no intention of becoming part of Haitian elected officials gangs.

There are so many foreigners that have been buying properties in Haiti for years; yet some Haitians in the diaspora were banned from doing so. Haiti political arena is like walking around unarmed in a war zone. You need to get a life insurance policy before you get involved in Haitian politics.

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