Haiti: The Rich Vs The Poor - Who Leaves? Who Stays?

Someone once told me this: If you see poor people running in one direction, don't ask, start running the other direction. BUT...

If you see rich people running... Drop everything and run... Follow them...

The truth is... The rich people never left Haiti!

Doesn't that tell you something?

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Polish Brass says...

All of this saying will not realy solve the main problems, first of all many so call Haitians I met said they are christians, and baptize, or reborn when I ask them according to the Bible scriptures what is your nationality they steal saying they are Haitians now for some one who study, and examine research the HOLY SCRIPTURES INCLUDE THE HITTING BOOK APOCRYPHA knows this is very important, and a dangerous matter not realy knowing who you are according to the HOLY SCRIPTURES take example when so call Jesus CHRIST, and his disciples in MATTHEW 10:5, and 18:11 CHRIST told them He came for the LOST SHEEP not knowing the TRUTH JHON 8:32 who you are today YOU ARE LOST, and don't know where you going, or future and that's a curse from the HAEVENLY FATHER FOR BREAKING HIS COMMENDMENT.

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Bernadette says...

At CV -- You very well detailed the reality of Haiti's social problems.

You have described in its entirety what a culture is. You are right about that; No one can dispute Haiti does not have a culture.

Haiti has a rich one at

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Cv says...

When you say reality what exactly to you mean...?

For years Haiti's reality has been distorted and misconstrued by many...

If noone is willing to state the facts and stop hiding behind the factors that are hindering that country's growth we cannot talk about reality...

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Bernadette says...

Everybody can go on with what we lost in the process.

That is exactly the problem.

No one is contemplating what to give to get what we want. Like I said before, we are not slaves anymore, meaning we are responsible for our own well beings.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Think about that?

In Canada we are in difficult time too, but you not see the Prime Minister: Steven Harper suck all the Canadian's Blood, stock all the money in the banks of other countries and sit and do nothing inside Canada.

Guys you have to understand that: Jean Claude Duvalier left Haiti with a lot of billion dollars to live La France for 25 years, remember we was not welcome in front of La France's eyes. The same La Frace become victory on Haiti' shoulders again.

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Patrick Princivil says...

The rich become very rich and live the poor in the garbage of Haiti and other poor countries: that walks only in the poor countries, because they are so selfish, they don't care about the poor, unfortunately I have to tell you the truth, black people's countries are the worst selfish (avard) in the world.

They have to sell everything they have and give the money to the poor otherwise they will go to hell very soon. Remember that, they will not go in the graves with all the money they suck or steal from people.

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C.v says...

What cultural values and morals does the "Land of the Free" have to offer a people enriched in their own culturw, language and traditions.

Besides beeter scholarship, job and internation experience.

In an ideal Haiti if all of the factors that make America so appealing was available to Haitians I am sure more than half of them that migrate here would stay home...There is nothing liberating about being slaved to a 9 to 5, buying home that will never really be your own...assimilating to a western culture and losing some sense of identity and culture...I can go on and on but I partly blame the students and the well off that leave Haiti and fail to return to make much needed changes that xan help the country flourish...

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Cj says...

You can repeat this again and again!!!with the exception of those every now and then that are force to seek exile No Haitians who can afford to live fully in Haiti and have access to travel even as close to Saint Domingue wants to live else where ...

life abroad is complete misery, confinement and unbearable to them. Even on the days we might consider to be some of the darkest days in our Haiti history.

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Josy says...

OMG! You are so right, and I am very curious.

They travel abroad for their needs, and even keep homes overseas but Haiti is the cash

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