Driving in Haiti

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Automobile accident in Mirebalais Haiti, many injuries reported

Camion Transport, Ouanaminthe Haiti There was a major car accident reported in Mirebalais Haiti Wednesday. There were no fatalities; however, many injuries have been reported from this accident. more »

Is there Uber in Haiti?

Uber in Haiti Uber currently operates many countries and mayor cities in the Caribbean but is there Uber in Haiti? Here is what we know... more »

Uber in Haiti - If only Motocycles were allowed

Uber in Haiti Does Uber operate in Haiti? NOPE! I don't think so. meanwhile, Uber transportation service is operating in two major cities in the neighboring Dominican Republic. more »

Haiti Route 9 Bridge Collapse - US Army Corps of Engineers Reveals the Cause

PHOTO : Haiti Bridge Collapse - Route Neuf Bridge in Port-au-Prince Experts from the US Army Corps of Engineers have just revealed the reason the Haiti Route 9 Bridge Collapsed... After inspection of all components of the bridge, the experts concluded that several possible factors may have contributed to the collapse including overloaded trucks crossing the bridge daily... more »

Haiti - Terrible Traffic Accident in Canape-Vert, 3 People Dead, Many Injured

Haiti Accident - Car Motorcycle Driving in Haiti -- A terrible traffic accident in Canape Vert caused the death of 3 people, including a young child, with 10 others gravely injured... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Pont Croix des Missions an ap SOUKE...

PHOTO: Haiti - Pont Croix-des-Missions, Rivierre Grise, Tabarre Haiti : DANGER sou Route National #1 -- Genyen anpil alert ke Pont Croix-Des-Missions an ap SOUKE... Attention Chofè, VEYE zo nou... Dapre nouvel yo, pon Croix-Des-Missions an pa ka kenbe ankò... more »

Haiti - Carrefour Gerald Bataille, Ki Kote Non Saa Soti? Repons...

PHOTO: Haiti - Carrefour Gerald Bataille, Delmas 33, Port-au-Prince Si ou se Haitien, si ou konn ale Port-au-Prince, se sur ke ou tande pale de Carrefour Gerald Bataille... Men èske ou konnen ki kote non saa soti? Men repons la... more »

Haiti Reconstruction - President Martelly To Inaugurate FIRST Haiti Road Overpass Friday

PHOTO: Haiti - Wout anwo, Wout anba sou Autoroute De Delmas a FINI... Haiti National Palace has just announced that President Michel Martelly will officially inaugurate the Viaduct de Delmas, the FIRST Haiti road overpass, this Friday, 07 Aug 2015, at 4:00pm... This new overpass in the cross roads of Autoroute de Delmas and Boulevard Toussaint Louverture (Kafou Aeroport) is the very FIRST road constructed in Haiti where a Tap Tap will drive over another Tap Tap and passengers and drivers alike will live to talk about it... LOL... more »

Haiti - DGI lage nan dada Machinn ak Moto san PLAK... Ou Chanje Plak Machin ou Deja?

Haiti Plaque d'Immatriculation -  Haiti Licence Plate Haiti Direction General des Impots (DGI) anonse La Police pwal komanse bay contravention 10,000 goud a tout chofè machin ki ap sikile avek ancien plak nan machin yo... more »

Haiti - Autoroute de Delmas Overpass expected to be ready 60 days into 2015

PHOTO: Haiti - President Martelly on top of the Overpass at Autoroute de Delmas Haitian drivers may begin to cruise above and below the Autoroute de Delmas at Kafou Aeroport (Boulevard Toussaint Louverture) as early as March 2014, according Philippe Cineas, Secretary of state for public works, The Overpass is expected to be ready 60 days into 2015 he says... more »