Haiti Money - What Can You do with $25.00 US in Haiti These Days? Read This...

What can you do with $25.00 US in Haiti these days? A hell of a lot more than you can do with it if you live in the United States of America...

Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso
Currency: Haitian Gourde, US Dollar, Domincan Peso

Recently I had $25 dollars U.S. in my pocket in Haiti, I exchanged it for Haitian Gourdes... If you live in the US, this may surprise you...

KREYOL: Haiti LAJAN - Kisa ou kapab fè avèk $25 Dola US nan peyi Dayiti konye a

In exchange for my $25 US dollars, I received $1,550 gourdes from the local kambiz...

UPDATE: As of December 2018, $25 US dollars is 1,888 gourdes in Haiti

I went to a local car wash and paid to wash my car AND my friend's SUV... Total cost: $200 gourdes per vehicle + $50 gourdes tip = $450 gourdes.

I have $1,100 gourdes left...

I took my brother-in-law, my sister and 3 other friends to a local bar and we had 24 ice cold Prestige beers... Total cost $40 gourdes per bear = 960 gourdes.

I had $140 gourdes left...

I got hungry afterwards. So I went to a local spot and had me a plate of smoked chicken served with boiled green bananas and manioc... Total cost: $100 gourdes.

I went home with 40 gourdes in my pocket...

The following morning, I bought me a nice plate of Mais Moulin and Sos Calalou for breakfast... Total cost 40 gourdes.

That was the end of my $25 US...

2 car wash, 24 bears, 1 smoked chicken, morning breakfast, all for 20 bucks... NOT BAD right?

How much would all of that cost you in the United States??

Wait... There is one SAD part to this amazing experience... The MAJORITY of the people who live in Haiti don't have access to $25 US...

What do you think about that?

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Gail Craig says...

Nice im going to Haiti in july with. FiftheenHundred

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Eve says...

That was an awesome use of $25 it saddens me that so little could take of a week worth of food for at least a couple yet the have no means or an avenue to obtain or work for 25 US Dollars.

I love my people they're so

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Carla N says...

I sponsor two Haitian children(students) on a monthly basis through my church.

This is the time of year when I send them a bit extra as a Christmas gift. I was wondering if $20USD would be adequate, and it seems like it would.

I trust that my students won't be spending any of their money on beer, but I think they'll be able to buy something they'll

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Haiti Money Talk says...

Haiti LAJAN - Kisa ou kapab fè avèk $25 Dola US nan pòch ou nan peyi Dayiti ses jours ci?

Ou konnen konbyen Gourdes $25 dola US ye konye a?

Kisa ou panse de

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Shime Leroy says...

vie chere ce vrai mais si moune ca pa te laver 2 machines et bou tout quantite bier ca yo si cote li ye a li te bay cob la yo te changer li tap manger mieux ac tout noune nan caille

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. Give thanks and praises for describing the money exchange situation in Ayiti.

I will gladly come and spend my U.S. and Euros dollars money in Ayiti.

And I pray that I can do that soon. Blessed

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Gee says...

Unbelievable, superbly

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Gee says...

Unbelievable, superbly

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Gee says...

Unbelievable, superbly

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ébyen sé bagay sa yo map palé nou an !

Pandan nap di ké $ 25 US sé énemi ti klas pòv la nèg jwen $ 20, 000 US pou yal bay manb CEP anba tab jis pou plas majistra, sak pi rèd la pi fò kandida ki élu nan la chanmb ak sénatè yo etc. sé gwo kout kòb yo bay anba tab pou yo rivé koté yo rivé a.

Pandan nap di tout bagay sa yo Prézidan Privert ap milyonè an US sou 2 mwa, sé pousa lap baré plas Prézidan an pou pati lavalas pou yo ka pi riche; Marise Narcisse: lavalas, Moise Jean Charles: lavalas, Prézidan Privert: lavalas, JPP. Pandan nap di tout bagay sa yo: lè klas pòv la rési jwen yon ti travay nan léta Ayisyen oswa nan yon ti faktori pi gwo kòb yap touché sé 160 gourdes pa jou sélon sa Michel Martelly té di lèl té Prézidan.

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