Haiti - The Key To Success: Education Vs Hard Work

You know... Sometimes I sit back and think: Why is that that some of the richest people in Haiti are not highly educated. and why some of the most educated people in Haiti are broke everyday... I think I know why... Let me tell you a story...

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living
Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living

A woman I know in Haiti has a successful food distribution business in Haiti. everyday, there is an army of young men lined up and ready to carry 4-5 bags of rice at a time on their backs, in and out of her business, loading and unloading trucks after trucks of merchandise.

One afternoon, I witness one these young men, handing all his earnings back to the lady in exchange for one back of rice.

"He just bought this big bag or rice from you?" I asked the lady.

"Yeah," she replied, "His wife just started a small business food retail business. SO every penny he earns in the yard, he is using it to fill up her tiny business."

Here's what's gonna happen, 10 years from now, all of the people who knew him when he was carrying bags at SHODECOSA will tell you "Se nan dyab li fe lajan-an... se sak fe li vinn gen kob..." (he sold his soul to the devil, that's why he has money now)

Did he really?

Here is what Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy once said during a speech about achieving personal excellence:

You can learn all the tactics, all the tricks, all the methodologies in the world, you can get the finest MBAs from the finest universities but if you are not good at what you do and if you do not move fast and get the job done, then all the things you know will be of no use to you.

This is why you see so many people coming out of universities with great degrees and all work for great companies and just roll on for the rest of their lives and they cannot understand why people who just finished high school are running their own businesses and are doing very well and going to Hawaii for two months.

Because these people with these great degrees get so impressed with their intelligence that they don't realise that it is not your intelligence that counts it is what you produce that counts.

Remember: Production equals wealth, you only get paid for useful production and if you want to increase your wealth you have to increase the value of your useful production.

Brian Tracy is absolutely right... Some of us consume every penny we earn, no matter how BIG an income we have... While others invest every penny they can, no matter how little, towards a better future.

What do you have to say about that?

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Tibwadis says...

Lakay nou is respekte mounn kap travay du mounn ki travay pi du a pa touche epi koreksion kle sukse se

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Paul says...

The fact is, the richest people in Haiti, or anywhere in the world, don't work for nobody.

They own their business or company.

Business and investments is where the money is, but some people are afraid to take the risks associated with investing or starting a small business.

They prefer the security of a

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Louis Laine says...

I like this piece a whole lot. It is certainly an insightful one and an eye-opener.

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