Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living

Manual Labor in Haiti - Carrying rice bags for a living

This man works hard everyday carrying rice bags and other heavy sacs on his back in order to put food on the table.

I salute the Hard working men and women of Haiti.

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Did you know... More than 80 percent of rice consumed in Haiti is imported and most of the rice consumed in Haiti comes from the United States. Haiti keeps importing more and more rice every year since 1986 despite the new government's promise to increase local rice production.

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You know... Sometimes I sit back and think: Why is that that some of the richest people in Haiti are not highly educated. and why some of the most educated people in Haiti are broke everyday... I think I know why... Let me tell you a story...

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Kèk fwa, mwen rete m-ap refleshi: Sa ki fè kèk moun ki fini klas yo an-Ayiti, yo pa gen lajan, pandan se tan, gen moun ki pa men-m fè elementè 2, yo gen gwo bizniss, yap byen viv...

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Everyday, Hundreds of thousands of Haitian men let go of their pride to put food on the table... This is one of them... Carrying rice bags on the back of his neck all day long. He is one of the hardest working men in Haiti.

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Luna Fleur says...

One thing I can say about my Haitian people we are not lazy we found or make our own job to live and to take our family.

I just wish Haiti have career school where they can teach our people skills so they could have not only jobs but something for life so they can fall back

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