I just Witnessed Dominican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians in Santo Domingo

Dominican Immigration, a Racist Concept --- I just saw Dominican immigration officials snatching black people in Santo Domingo... I say black people and NOT Haitian people simply because that's exactly what they are doing...

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians
Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians

If your ass is BLACK, dark skin black, they start running after you... NO JOKE!

They are riding in a Guagua (minibus) that appears just like the average Dominican traffic minibus, except, it has re-bar in the windows... Then they stop the bus anywhere they see a few dark skin people, half a dozen men rush out of the bus wearing blue sleeveless jackets with "IMMIGRATION" written on the back, and they start running after anyone who is BLACK...

If you're BLACK and you run... You must be Haitian... AND you must be illegal... WOW... What a concept!

Then... 4 or 5 of them chase you down... they grab you... and throw your ass in the bus...

It doesn't matter if you are a Haitian tourist, like me (except I happen to be light skin) who just arrived here... If you run, perhaps because you don't have your passport with you... You are screwed!

In the mean time, If I was standing there next to you, because I am light skin, they would run right past me.

I don't know what to say about this except perhaps... I kinda wish it was the other way around... I wish it was Haitian immigration officials chasing Dominican (mwen vale lot mo-a) out of Haiti.

How upsetting to witness this disgrace!

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Gpsoundj says...

Banm san nen tounen nan peyi

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Daniel says...

Dominiken telman sot, menn si se yon Ayisyen ki san papye, men ki prop, san papye, li di-w w pa Ayisyen pou li Ayisyen se moun ki sal.

Sa se yon realite men sel kote Ayisyen pagen reprezan se la, se yon paket chyen ki nan anbasad Ayisyen.

se sel Henry Paraison ki tap yon ti efo men sousou Dominiken sa yo pap fe anyen lotbo-a. Sa manje-m.

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Simone says...

Koze haitien se pou toute

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Simone says...

Ala koze mezanmi pou hatien.

Jezi sove n

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J J says...

Haitian Gov have to create jobs so the people don't have to go to DR. They just don't want us there, that's how I see

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J says...

Telman nou renmen kay vwazin, se pou President Martelly okipe kay li pou haitien pa gen eskiz pou you pa al fe visye deyo. pou President kap vini an fe menm jan tou paske Martelly ka komanse, piti piti swazo fe

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John says...

Tout mond la ap proteje lakay yo nan zafe depote a men Haiti rete e li di: "mwen menm paladan-l"

Pandan ou rete, wap gade yon peyi ke ou te bay indepandans, se li menm kounnie-a kap depote ba ou.

Si-m te gen pouvwa mwen tap depote tout paske yo ilegal nan peyi-m

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Cj says...

That is one of the reason why I only vacation in Haiti and other islands that treat my people humanly...

We need to stop going to DR and spend our hard earned money for "la vida loca"

I will never be a tourist in DR ...

For those who are US citizen they only respect the US passport for as long they don't know you are Haitian descent...


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Patrick Gaspard says...

Que voulez vous?

Haiti est devenue le parc a tout le monde et le pays de personne.

Les haitiens sont pourchasses partout mais n'importe qui fait n'importe quoi sur ce territoire que nous appelons "notre pays".

Je n'arreterai pas de le repeter.

On fonde une nation en eddifiant un peuple.

Il est temps de nous reveiller de faire face a notre realite et PRENDRE NOS

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Paul says...

That is shocking...

but not new. It is a fact that Dominicans are extremely racists, despite the fact that a large percentage of Dominicans are not white.

A couple of weeks ago, I read the story of a female black Dominican doctor who was complaining that she was denied access to a club in Santo Domingo, simply because she was black.

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