Child Slavery in Haiti on Videotape:

Child Slavery in Haiti, How to Buy a Child in 10 Hours

This is Woodring, I received news from one of my newsletter readers that ABC News correspondent Dan Harris was able to buy a child slave from Haiti just 10 hours after stepping in to A New York City taxi to head to Haiti.

My dear newsletter subscriber, Ty Emmecca, writes:

"I am one of your faithful (New Orleans Hurricane Katrina evacuee) subscriber who is serious about Haiti and the state of and evolution of the people. I wanted to pass this on..."

How to Buy a Child Slave, Watch the videos:

  1. WATCH: Child Slavery in Haiti (Part 1)
  2. WATCH: Child Slavery in Haiti (Part 2)
  3. WATCH: Child Slavery in Haiti (Part 3)

Watch the ABC News video report and post your comments here.

It was a "Nightline" experiment with a shocking result. ABC News correspondent Dan Harris set out from New York City to see how long it would take him to find a child slave to buy.

In just 10 hours, Dan Harris traveled to Haiti and cut a deal for a young girl poolside at one of the poor island's few upscale hotels.

The negotiations - all too common there - were caught on tape.

At 7:10 AM, he got into a Taxicab in Manhattan NY.

At 8:55 AM he boarded American Airlines, Destination Port-Au-Prince Haiti.

At 2:17 PM he arrived at the airport in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.

By 4:45 PM we was sitting by the pool of an upscale hotel in Haiti meeting with a former member of the Haitian Parliament negotiating to buy a Haitian girl slave for $150 USD

Dan Harris also helped one girl sold into slavery into the relative safety of an orphanage.

To make matters worst, two employees of the Haiti Hotel call the undercover reporter and offered to sell them the Haitian girl slave instead.

Thank you, Ty Emmecca, for this info.

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Barbara Murphy-bridge says...

Woodring's site has no room, Teresa Walters, for such UGLY and RACIST comments!!!
You should hang your head in

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Glenn Boggs says...

you mr. joseph and your country government should be ashamed of what your allowing to be done with the church missionares.your people are about 3 hairs from still living in a tree ! why anyone even cares about your stinking country is beyond me.i for one are going to do all in my control to stop any futher aid to you bunch of crooks.

this country has wasted millions on aid.and i say its time to

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Jack says...

I am sorry but I can't seem to connect.

Are there perhaps two different people writing your posts?

You can't think in the USA?

Reply  ... More says...

The Haitian society I know believe in family.

When a child a put in slavery, they are deprived of that. Here, many view people in isociation as mental.

They do not sympathize or trust you as an isolated being, especially since we live in a melting pot. It is easier to view such beings as mentals and dangers to society.

Reply  ... More says...

So long as the world turn its back on people who are crying for help, people continue to experience the evils of racism.

Whatever the problem of the given society, it must be helped categorically to cure the Hatred of one person for another.

Deviating one's attention from the problem at hand is to turn one's back and pay attention to the cry. Third person stories do not show as much need for attention as that of a first person telling you that they are in a society wherein they find hostility and need help. I will know that I have encountered a person who is not racist and has compassion when I get a response of one who sympathizes and suggests a center, a group or somewhere that offers help from the RACISM that has taken forms so powerful the individual faced with it is murdered slowly with the guise of capitalism and the weapon of

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Jack says...

Regarding the early Haitians' murdering of whites and mulattoes during the revolution, there are several good Haitian history sites on the internet that you could read. Please understand that I agree that Blacks have historically been shamefully mistreated by whites as well.

Since you agree that all forms of government have elements of corruption, I am still interested in why you singled out capitalism in your treatise, when the system of government does not seem relevant to your context.

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Jack says...


After leaving my last post, I ran across another site wherein a lady from Jamaica lamented that she was treated unfairly for her "whiteness."?

What do you think will finally end racism and unite people within a

Reply  ... More says...

Capitalism is just as tainted as my other political systems and psychology takes advantage of that to state opinions and propoganda as facts.

Your observation of the pattern of treatment of women was viewed in my mother's generation.

In my generation of adults, I observe a completely different pattern of behavior.

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Jack says...

Interesting, and quite contrary to my understanding.

I have been told that black men prefer dark black women, and consider light skinned black women as "tainted." You also imply that they prefer white women over black women?

What has changed their thinking?

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Jack says...

I have been there twice.

This is real.

It is a good illustration of the total depravity of man.

Jesus Christ is the answer.

Nothing else will

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