17 October 1806 - Did Dessalines Really Die In Pont-Rouge?

FACT OR FICTION? -- Haitian Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines actually died at the residence of Alexandre Petion NOT in Pont-Rouge on October 17 1806.

Wanna hear something else that's funny?

At that time, Alexandre Petion lived at Rue de l'Enterrement (Burial Street) in Port-au-Prince Haiti.

Sometimes you think you know everything then, later on in life, you discover something that makes you go...

HOLY Sh...mokes!!!

Here's what I read in Wikipedia...

Disaffected members of Dessalines' administration, including Alexandre Pétion and Henri Christophe, began a conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor...

Some historians claim that Jean-Jacques Dessalines was actually killed at Pétion's house at Rue de l'Enterrement after a meeting to negotiate the power and the future of Haiti.

So... Petion lived in Rue de l'Enterrement Huh... I guess he was "Entierrement" d'accord avec Dessalines :)

What a coincidence!

QUESTION: Do you think that this information about Dessalines being assassinated at La Casa de Petion is FACT or FICTION?

OR... Is it possible that this whole Dessalines dying in Pont-Rouge thing is bogus?

How did the Haitian Emperor really die?

Come on my historians... Let me hear you...

Rely with your comments.

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Pierre Grandoit says...

I believe that Petion together with Christophe killed Dessaline in a conspiracy.

Because both we're involve and agreed to splitt the power.

One became the leader in the North and the other in the South.

This was the agreement between Petion and Christophe before the death of Dessaline.

If two people still one million dollar.

One will keep half and the other one will keep the other

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Gerald Paul says...

Non non non jamais non Thomas madioux est un manteur proffesionel un historien vanipieux un mulatre sangunais qui a mentir autour de la mort de l empereur Jean Jacques Dessalines.

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Ok says...

nil te mouri sou pn rouj ni pon nwa. sa montrem se depi lontan nou konsa, dwet kap baw manje ya se li nou koupe, se asasinen tout ye. ekzanp pou tout lot prezidan yo aristid, nanfi

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Katchapikam Pou Plim says...

Yes, He was assasineted au Pond Rouge pour cette declaration: apres tous-ce que je viens fait dans le sude, si, les citoyens dans le sude ne cerevolte pas contre moi, qu'ils ont pas des citoyens.

Ayisyen toujou gen gwo tanta e reyi lot san rezon menm le ou goumen pou

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Stephan says...

L'hypothese qu'il aurait ete assassine par Petion ou par Christophe est plausible puisque Dessaline regnait en maitre et les autres generaux ayant participe aussi a l'independance voulait aussi le pouvoir.

La scission du nord avec l'ouest nous montre le malaise qui existait entre eux. Ils craignaient aussi Dessaline qui pouvait les executer aussi s'il soupconnait leur trahison.

Donc a mon avis je pense que Petion et Christophe ont de pres ou de loin participer a son assassinat.

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John says...

Mon che sa-m we nan liv la se li-m konnen.

mwen pat ko fet. si gen manti ladann se istorien yo pou kritike mesi

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Elizabeth says...

ou we sa, anyin pa etone-m nan sa-w di a ni anyin pa etone-m an haiti.

istoi-w la jis montre-m koman se depi lontan yo te konn fe komplo pou yo mete e retire prezidan.

moin kwe-l te mouri pon rouj, e pi ki diferans sa ap fe.

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Jazzy says...

There is a painting at Delmas 33 wall of art for sale which depicted the untold story behind Dessalines's death.

The paint has Dessaline on one side and Petion on the other with a beautiful Haitian woman in the middle holding a tearred split up Haitian flag. The untold story that Dessaline was seeing one of Petion's woman and she was use to set up a date with Dessaline a trap. Dessaline was sneaking into Port au Prince to see this lady the night before meeting with govt staff.

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Santia says...

I think he died in Pont Rouge...

That's what every Haitian and international history books have said...

I mean those are Historians who have studied history...

I do not trust Wikipedia as anybody can edit a story and add their own...

Unless I hear that he died at Petion's house from an historian, it's just bogus to

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Shutup says...

Gade yon jwet mesye.

Se sa w'ap kesyone Istwa?

Sa m konnen.

M poko te fet non, sa m we nan liv la se sa m

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