After Haiti won its war of Independence, the looser got paid, the winner got screwed!

Neg Mawon - Haiti Monument Here is something interesting... Usually, in a war, the victor demands reparations or indemnities or tribute from the loser nation. But we all know that's not what happened to Haiti after she won his war of independence! more »

Did you know : The Flag of Venezuela was Made in Haiti, First flown in Jacmel Haiti?

Haiti Caricature: Did Donald Trump pressure President Jovenel to go against Venezuela or else? Did you know??? --- The original flag of Venezuela was made in Haiti and it was first flown in Jacmel Haiti on March 12, 1806 as Miranda's expedition prepared to make the final leg of its voyage to Venezuela. more »

How Haiti became the first country before Britain to abolish slavery after revolt

Haiti Battle of Vertieres Read this from Face2Face Africa... Long before the British abolished slave trade in 1833, the first slave trade came to an end due to political and other kinds of events, particularly the Haitian revolution in 1791. more »

Kanye West says slavery was a choice, responders slap HAITI in his face!

Does Kanye West know about the Haitian Revolution? American rapper Kanye West made a comment on TMZ about slavery that lit twitter on fire sending Kanye back to school to learn about the Haitian Revolution... Kanye west said slavery was a choice... Say What??? more »

Haiti is not in debt, Haiti is a creditor, it is France which owes Haiti money

Haiti France Reparations Controversy France has probably never forgiven Haiti for the tens of thousands of slaves who rose up in the armed uprising that led to history's first abolition of slavery resulting in the loss of revenue from its slave system and thousands of destroyed sugar and coffee plantations. more »

CHILE: Had it not been for Haiti, we would still be SLAVES of Spain, presidential candidate says

Marco Enriquez-Ominami: Si no fuera por Haití, seríamos esclavos todavía de España VIDEO: Candidate for president of Chile, Marco Enriquez Ominami, says: If it were not Haiti, we (Chileans) would still be slaves of Spain... more »

Two Main Reasons for the US Occupation of HAITI you probably didn't know

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government There were two main drivers for the US occupation of Haiti that you probably didn't know... Read this... more »

Haiti helped Dominican Republic win their second independence during the Dominican Restoration War against Spain

Build a wall to Separate Haiti and Dominican Republic Read this... The Dominican Republic has the peculiarity of celebrating its independence not from a colonial power, but from Haiti BUT the Dominican Republic won their independence a second time and Haiti helped... more »

Did you know? The U.S. invaded and occupied Haiti 101 years ago today

US Soldiers on the grounds of Haiti's National Palace Know your History -- Thursday July 28 2016 marks 101 years since the United State invaded Haiti... The U.S. occupation of Haiti began on Wednesday July 28, 1915, when 330 US Marines landed at Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on the authority of US President Woodrow Wilson. more »

Haiti - Combien Chambre a Coucher ki genyen nan yon Kay 6 Pyes?

Yon ti kay tòl sou Gran Chimen Haiti Kounyea... Tèt Nèg... Mezanmi, kisa sa vle di lè yon Kay genyen 6 Pyès? --- Alèkile, la jeunesse Haitienne vinn tèlman eklere yo pa menm konnen kobyen pyès kay ki genyen nan yon kay. Map eseye eksplike yon moun ke lakay papa-m la genyen 5 pyès kay, li di-m oh non, se 2 chanm a kouche li ye... Ki afè de chanm a kouche w-ap pale laa? se 5 pyès kay wi mwen di-w... LOL... more »