United States Passport

United States Passport

United States passports are passports issued to citizens and non-citizen nationals of the United States of America.

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I am sick and tired of hearing Haitians telling Haitian-Americans "You are not Haitian because you have an American passport." Who died and made you more Haitian the rest of us?

Read: Haitian-Americans, who says you are NOT Haitian because you have an US passport?

Haiti Immigration/Emigration News -- The Haiti Ministry of the Interior released a note Wednesday reminding all foreigners on Haitian soil to renew their residence permits ASAP since, according to Haitian Law, It is ONLY valid for one fiscal year, from October 1 to September 30... Mezanmi O! Pak La Fèmen... LOL...

Read: ATTENTION All Foreigners in Haiti, Time to Renew your Residence Permit

There is a big constitutional issue in Haiti over Nationality and I think some very smart people are confusing "Nationality" with "Citizenship"... QUESTION: Do Haitians loose their Nationality when they become a U.S. Citizens?

Read: Does a Haitian National loose his Nationality when he becomes a U.S. Citizen

Attention everyone traveling to Haiti with a foreign passport, you will be subject to pay a tourist fee set at 10 U.S. dollars or 10 euros or $10 Canadian, whichever is more convenient to you, upon landing in Haiti starting 01 July 2014.

Read: All foreign passport holders travelling to Haiti must pay a fee at the airport

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Pierre says...

Martelly ap imite Santo Domingo min tout moun sa Santo Domingo fè ak $10.00 ke yo pran nan Airport pa yo. Gouvenman sa pap manke pran lagen nan min Diapora estrange yo. Abolocho pou

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Sylvain Donald says...

The return of the fees for foreign visitors has proven a systematic failure of the tourism program that despite millions of dollars that have been donated! Most pics of Haiti via tourism depicts only sand and water! Most places have those and

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Johnny says...

Just a terrible idea. Make Haiti an attractive place to visit, it's already too expensive to travel there the hotels are too expensive and the government charges close to $100 on every ticket.

I remember that we used to pay a fee to leave Haiti and that too was a stupid

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