Rwanda Police Officers

Rwanda Police Officers

There are many Rwandan Police Officers in MINUSTAH, the UN Peacekeeping mission to Haiti.

Here is picture of Rwanda Police Officers, members of the Rwandan National Police Force

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We just found out that Rwanda is sending 140 police officers to Haiti. [b]Rwanda?[bb] Yep... The Republic of Rwanda. According to a news report posted on the Rwanda National Police website, A group of [[ Rwandan National Police officers]] known as "The Formed Police Unit (FPU)" are currently being trained and will soon to be deployed to HAITI.

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Valcin Lesage says...

Esto es demonstracion, ya sabemos donde estamos, es verdad que la situacion es caotico para nosotros, ahora todo el mundo sabe que haiti nesecita apoyo de la internacional, apoyanos bien.

Ayiti pap peri nou ka bite men nou pap tombe, paske BonDye pap lage nou Ayiti, sa k ap pase nou nan betiz gen pou sezi,

the old Haiti never

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Valcin Lesage says...

what do they come to do, now Haiti needs money to store for Reconstruction

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Ann Garrison says...

Just what Haiti needs, some Pentagon proxies to shore up the

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Thomas Valcin says...


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Frantzpierrot At says...

I just dont believe

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