Rwanda Police Officers

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Topic: Rwanda Police Officers

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I just dont believe this /. read more >
Frantzpierrot At, 11-Mar-10 10:47 am
Thomas Valcin, 11-Mar-10 4:34 pm
Just what Haiti needs, some Pentagon proxies to shore up the U.S. occupation. read more >
Ann Garrison, 11-Mar-10 4:39 pm
what do they come to do, now Haiti needs money to store for Reconstruction works, ok read more >
Valcin Lesage, 12-Mar-10 9:32 am
Esto es demonstracion, ya sabemos donde estamos,es verdad que la situacion es caotico para nosotros,ahora todo el mundo sabe que haiti nesecita... read more >
Valcin Lesage, 12-Mar-10 9:44 am


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