PHOTO: Haitian Boat People Intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard

PHOTO: Haitian Boat People Intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard

Look at this photo... The U.S. Coast Guard intercepted 127 Haitian migrants overloaded a 70-foot sail freighter off Cuban coast. With the help of Cuban Border Guard, the Coat Guard intercepted & repatriated 50 Haitian migrants. 77 other migrants entered Cuban Territorial Seas & were taken into custody:

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The US Coast Guard recently reported it's picked up three times as many Haitians at sea than it did last year, hundreds in the last few weeks.

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At least 15 Haitian boat people were found dead Sunday in the shark infested waters of the Turks and Caicos Island after the boat carrying them boat sunk.

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28 Haitians attempting to leave Haiti in search for a better life have lost their lives afer a boat carrying them sunk off the coast of The Bahamas, Authorities from the island country reported Sunday.

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Haitian Boat People, who are they? -- Haitians, desperate for a job to make ends meet, are constantly looking elsewhere for opportunities because there are not enough jobs in Haiti and they must survive.

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An overloaded boat filled with 127 Haitian migrants was intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard Saturday 20 miles off the coast of Cuba.

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Papijo says...

Haiti IS and SHALL BE a problem for regional Caribbean security if nothing is done to tackle those problems by Government:


2) Explosion demographique a travers le contole des naissances.

Konyin douce min konyin ak kapot pi douce...

3) Environnement an, sinon haiti ap gin problem kap fe la revolte des esclaves 1791, koupe tet boule kay, semble you jwet ti moune

A bon entendeur

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